You World War three Vladimir Putin mocks us coat of arms in front of Trump’s top security advisor Russian President Vladimir Putin poke fun at the US coat of arms to US national security adviser John Bolton in reference to Donald Trump’s claim that Washington were pulled out of a nuclear arms treaty with Moscow Vladimir Putin wrongly joked about the. code of arms as a way of mocking Donald Trump’s plans to quit the weapons treaty the Russian president asked us security adviser John Bolton whether the Eagle had eaten all the olives the u.

Of arms design shows a belt eagle holding 13 arrows in one claw and an olive branch with 13 olives in the other the arrows represent war while the olive symbolized peace the Russian President.

Made the ride joke during a meeting with mr.

Bolton in Moscow and is thought to.

Be commenting on Washington’s show of hostility by Trump threatening to withdraw.

From the intermediate-range nuclear forces INF treaty the agreement signed in 1987 between the u.

Washington from creating further nuclear weapons at a rally in Nevada on Saturday Trump said Russia has violated.

The agreement they have been violating it for many years and we’re.

Not going to let them violate a nuclear agreement and go out and do weapons and were not allowed World War 3 Vladimir Putin mocks US flag in.
Front of Trump’s top security adviser to trump warn that the US would begin.

Developing new weapons unless Russia and China agree not to possess or produce more China is not officially part of the pact Putin who claims the u.

violated the treaty responded that if the US were to do this it.

Would be a very dangerous step he added there would be nothing left except an arms race.


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