Hello 12 25 16 Christmas Day change is coming I just want to say don’t panic just yet but like anything as the Boy Scout says the motto be prepared it’s one that we need to be paired about so a little bit of credits first here just some of the people that are talking about this some that have a.
Little better understanding.

Of course we all know Jessie over at VP Earth watch Mike around the world and then of course a couple of others NASA global and of course God yeah whoever that may be for you so 1225 16 if you haven’t heard about it well are you gonna hear about it now there is a cosmic wave due.

To hit our planet on or about Christmastime been knowing about it NASA’s been known about it the government’s know about it many in the community have been talking about.

It but it’s here and I guess I really myself didn’t take the seriousness of it until actually I literally started doing some reading and I encourage you on the event that.

We’re going to be talking about that happened 12 years ago was much more serious than any of us know about so what are cosmic rays well number one they’re not raised they’re really particles and that’s the bad part we’ll get into that.

In a little bit more um with the earth is hit with.

Cosmic rays all the time it is it comes right from our star and the way that our solar system.

Is set up and the perfectness of its order our planet protects us from that for the most um however there’s a lot of things to be concerned there too all right so you.

All know good lower done enough videos you know watch the video fun with photons you’ll really get to understand what’s really taking place here all right so you get an idea right where do cosmic rays come from well they come from supernovae they’re the when the stars explode I mean we’re actually gonna see the lifetime of a star I like to think as well is sometimes stars planets.

You know they’re almost in fact I will say this they are living entities they truly are if you don’t.

Think that this planet is alive well you go outside and spend a little bit more time and just look at the.

Earth but any case so we have a supernova this is what this magnetron is it’s coming in it’s blown up we know it bobby’s happened very quickly but the damage they do are just terrible you’re.
Going to see this this one looks like folks kaboom man we got a star in.

This case a supernova exploding in our part of the galaxy so check it out right now the idea is.

You can’t see these you can measure them but here’s the point when these cosmic particles come in they affect the whole atmosphere the whole globe upper atmosphere the earth itself and even.

Under the earth it affects everything it’s a it’s definitely a lek trick I encourage you to go and see the Thunderbolts project I mean this is an electric universe and as we are becoming more and more aware of our universe in which were still just babes we’re realizing that it is indeed electric ah I don’t know you know it’s kind.

Of odd is that when you start reading this and there’s debate on both sides of.

The subject matter that I believe and I’m going to.

Go on this particular side of the.


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