As human beings it’s in our nature to want to be accepted and liked remember when you were in school you want to be in some social circle all time isolation is deeply wounding to the human heart and psyche as we age the desire to be accepted and like to diminish as a bit but some people still care far.

Too much about what others think in turn this worry can prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential in the long run excessively worrying about what.

Others think can disturb your ability to feel ease with yourself when you are around other people so why shouldn’t you give the slightest damn about what other people think here in this video we are listing few of the great reasons number one life is far too short you have one life to live and it’s not very long moreover nobody can predict what will happen.

Next better live your life without worrying about other people’s thoughts and opinions and.

You will be much happier and fulfilled provided your actions don’t impede on others right to happiness do whatever you want and be whoever you want number two.

People don’t think about you that much besides your loved ones people don’t think about you often.

Have you ever been sitting somewhere your.

Body tense and your breathing shallow because you believe people’s eyes are on you well the truth is they’re probably not number three people’s minds are always changing the human brain is in a constant state of change when we left high school we mostly.

Left the CLE Koosh nature of judgment behind as such we observe someone form an opinion or two and move on to something else we’re in a state.

About us and vice versa is no exception number four it’s not their business ever notice how much the ruling class tries to impede on your personal matters wants to tell you what to think what.

To believe and what to buy it’s none of their damn business they’re entitled to whatever ignorant opinion that they’re ignorant mind conceives but you’re the only one who needs to approve your own choices number five they don’t know what’s fast we learn by making choices taking.

Responsibility and living with the consequences not someone else only you can possibly know what’s fast the truth is that we should feel offended when someone uses the phrase it’s what is best how in the heck would they know so these are few important reasons why you should not give a damn about being disliked take a note of them to lead a peaceful life.


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