In reaction to all these situations across NYC in other areas involving these packages that have been sent out we now have kuhmo or during soldiers from the National Guard to be deployed and that state law enforcement be doubled at vital transportation asset areas across New York they’re saying the increased security is out of an abundance of caution yesterday.

We reported on all these devices that were found in different places from the Manhattan building.
That houses CNN to places that were owned by George Soros.

They also say that these devices were sent to the homes of Hillary and Bill Clinton although they intercepted many of these packages before they got to their destination so they’re saying they were saying that Obama was apparently targeted and they’re saying as of today that robert de niro is also on this list that he was apparently targeted in all this and you can expect to see an uptick.

In areas like NYC or any of the areas that we’re seeing these packages delivered they were talking about debbie Wasserman Schultz her offices and then last night they were talking about on the west coast.

Maxine Waters they evacuated a mail facility there because of the same thing so this thing just absolutely reeks of something not right about it I’m going to continue to update as things change I’m gonna.

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