Hey guys hackers Floyd here back again with another video and welcome back to the ethical hacking course now a lot of you may be asking yourselves where the hell is this guy been why hasn’t he uploaded in like a week and what is he doing right now well actually I was actually recording this video when the incident actually.

Happened and the incident is is that my PC just crashed right in front of my face as I was editing this video in Adobe Premiere and a letter came to found out that my hard drive has actually failed and I actually just bought it a few like one.

Month to the day that actually happened turns out that my hard drive was a bad batch of Western Digital drives one terabyte drives the cavea black drives some of you may know them they’re very very good drives and actually got it with a warranty so I was able to get it replaced but my data was still missing and I.

Actually asked the the Western Digital customer support if they could recover the data for me and they said they couldn’t so I.

Actually had to take things into my own hands and I tried some data recovery tools and I was able.

To recover a bit of the data but all my video projects were gone and I had to really literally start recording all over again.

So that’s basically why I haven’t uploaded in a week but I’m back again and let’s let’s basically get into today’s video which is basically SQL injection and we’re going to be continuing from the previous video the previous video uploaded which was the SQL injection that was.

The first tutorial now we have the second tutorial now in the previous video we were basically setting up a pen testing environment now that’s one way I I could have gone explaining SQL injection but I actually have a.

Better better way of explaining SQL injection and it’s actually the way I learned SQL injection and the way I really really grasped it and that’s by actually showing you a real-life example we will be.

Actually using one of the SQL injection tools provided in Kali Linux or any.

Pentesting distro of your choice and that is basically SQL map right which you can find under the database assessment tools it’s right here it’s called SQL map and.

The reason I’m using SQL map is because in this area I’m not going to show you how to inject any script to basically steal.

Any data from any website because I want.

To just keep this literally very very legal because I don’t want any of you to go into prison it’s really not a nice place I I think you guys already know that so we’re gonna stay we’re gonna keep.

These tutorials pretty legal now you might be asking yourself how old are you gonna show us a real-life example without a pen testing environment well if you guys are familiar with the.

Vulnerability in websites you probably have heard of the PHP ID vulnerability in websites which can basically be be utilized with search engines. go basically any search engine that can index websites now the PHP exploit is basically as follows open a browser open up Google or any search engine and just hit PHP question mark ID equals one now this is basically on the index websites that are vulnerable and whose.


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