Attendance wait for passengers at the Mombasa railway station in Mombasa Kenya on June 2nd 2018 the chinese-built Mombasa Nairobi SGR of some 480 kilometers has attained an occupancy rate of over 95 percent while reducing the time between Kenya’s two biggest cities by half to five hours an estimated 1.
3 million Kenyans have commuted between Nairobi and Mombasa by the.

SGR train since its launch on May 31st last year photo Xinhua China will deepen security and defense cooperation with.

African countries to help them better tackle complex security issues ranging from piracy to epidemics officials.

Said on Tuesday major general who changming director of the office for international military cooperation under the Central Military Commission made the remark at the opening of the first China Africa defense and security forum in Beijing representatives from 50 African countries and regional organizations attend.

Beyond going forum the history of sino African security cooperation dates to the mid 20th century and.

The China Africa security ties which are win-win in nature have become a major factor in maintaining regional peace and security.

Who said boosting African countries own defense capability will provide a solid foundation for development of the belton Road initiative and a community with a shared future for mankind the Chinese military is willing to provide comprehensive support to help African nations improve their abilities to tackle security challenges he said the support includes necessary equipment technologies personnel strategic advice as well as medical training and legal cooperation who said China will also continue to participate in peacekeeping disaster relief humanitarian aid and escort missions in partnership with in consensus.
Nations Lieutenant General Brian Matusz a chief.

Of Defense staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces said African countries highly value their military cooperation with China and are willing to strengthen exchanges in collaboration with the Chinese military China has consistently been providing military support across all military branches to African countries and has recently expanded cooperation in addressing 900 channel security threats such as diseases and natural disasters sis they said China is a reliable dependable partner and friend it has reached out to African countries through cooperation based on respect and true.

Friendship he said Colonel Ibrahim Jaffa the Somali Air Force said President Xi Jinping as well as.

Chinese speakers at the Forum have emphasized truthfulness honesty closeness and sincerity in China Africa relations and there are no hidden agendas or.

Price he said Colonel bono Seagal II pileinn defense advisor at the Embassy of the Republic of Botswana to China said the Chinese military has much experience dealing with counterterrorism piracy peacekeeping and disaster management and aid I imagine China Africa cooperation can only get better he said.


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