Hey everybody it’s Bjorn from WP Learning Lab in this video I’m gonna show you how to check the Google Safe Browsing list to see if your website has been classified as suspicious or a few clients websites have been classified as suspicious so all you have to do is copy a specific URL into your browser which I also have.

Below this video so you just copied from there and at the very end there’s a parameter called site and after the equals you want to.

Replace this part with the domain name that you’re checking and then hit enter to load that URL this is a very plain page but it gives you all the information you need so WP Learning Lab comm is the website is checked the very first question that Google answers is what is the current listing status for WP Learning Lab com and this site is currently not listed as suspicious if it was listened to suspicious you.

Would obviously see that there what happened when Google visited the site of the six pages we tested that the no malicious software was being downloaded or installed out users consent has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribute distribution of malware over the past 90.

Days no it hasn’t has this website hosted malware no not in the last 90 days and if if some of these result results come back positive it will say this site is hosted malware or the site’s listed as suspicious and then it will give you.

Steps as to what to do next how to resolve that malware issue get it off your web site and how to submit your site to Google for review and actually I have that in another video that I’ve linked.

To below this video where you can through your Webmaster Tools area you can submit your website for a manual review and get it removed from the suspicious site listings so that’s a pretty basic Google tool that you can use to check whether your website or your client sites have been listed as suspicious and are on the Safe Browsing list and if they are listed on here as being suspicious it will help you.

Clear them up if they’re not listed as suspicious that’s great but keep in mind that this is mostly focused on malware so you can still have your site be hacked and be spammed vert iced or be used as a mail server and not show up on here because there’s no malware being downloaded so this is just one check that you do to make sure your site.

Is healthy and safe and secure I hope this video helped you my name is Beorn all.
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