Are you Jared oh hey Jared good how you doing good you can’t steal from my store or there’s snow so how do you think you look at steel sorry yes I don’t think why how does it work okay jump over that oh yeah chuckle yeah yes it looks like it looks like that when you go see in the.

App store what you done with it it’s kind of like that and you basically scan on the skaters let me try this so what so basically how does it work though do you have account yes once you have that downloaded and connected it’ll give you this you scan through the game and then it’ll charge that whatever card you have on file for will charge it here right away as soon as you walk through the game interesting all right so I have my shit logged in I probably shouldn’t show to the drawer code on the shrimp’s okay first all right so.

We are do re finesse in the system and then you’re in skinning something so basically anytime you’re listening until I pay for him well I need that he grabs you because he doesn’t have yet so how did so do you have to scan on your way out no no.

You just walk out this way how does it how does it know what I bought it’s gonna how does it know that I pick it up understood I think understood I think I know how to finesse this is me have you ever seen these kind of potato chips before.

Look at the back of the bag it’s absolutely amazing that’s crazy isn’t it wow that’s insane I’ll take it thank you very much all right let’s see hey hey hey fuck you dude Oh reaches I think that work dog I.
Had her pick – shut up let’s see she has.

An ambulance as she got charged it transferred to me huh each and every way and when you’re.

Walking in almost we know how it works it all around hello I’m just fascinated by.

Everything here I’m just trying to figure out how this or I have these chips now what so if you’re ready to leave you can just go ahead and walk right out everything is.

How does it know about that I have the chips and how does the charge rate so the chips have a special bar code on that all of our sensors he.

Looks at he doesn’t even matter like let’s say if you walk in and you grab whatever like uninstalled the app that how would it know that I’m still if you come into our store is if you download and standing me up if you uninstall it as you’re.

In here already have that card on file so you know it just blows my mind how they know it’s my card I had a chips it’s all about all of these sensors like five dollars and they can overcharge you but they’re overcharging.

People what are you talking about dude I’m not in front of you will get hi sir how are you no I asked her to take a look at the chips yeah and then I had her give the chef’s ma okay so then she won’t be charged in the UI sorry sorry about.

That dude they don’t interesting yeah all right yeah I had no idea dude yeah no I was just trying to no no no talking in our news oh I get her number dawg like everything like once you’re sure we walk.

Out though well that’s actually like the system finesse yeah I knew that took me about three seconds to figure out now comes in the ethics is it ethically correct to fuck over innocent people maybe shit throwing so many nights then yes is it ethically.


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