So my vision the future is that pretty much every device everything that can be connected will be connected whether that’s cars or drones which i think is going to be the topic of this conversation and you know they will enable new business models that don’t exist today the consequence that is that industries will be disrupted some new industries.

Will be created so I think that the future will be very different than it is today drones.

Have a big part to play in many different fields of business you know if you take something like surveying for example which historically is been going on for hundreds of years in a very kind of manually intensive way drones can make that you know supremely easy and very fast but that is just one example of many in which you know drones can have a role so I think the essential elements.

For drone value proposition you know include regulation security connectivity and you know being able to process the data that comes from drones in a standardized way you know right now we’re at a you know rather a kind of.

A nascent phase when a lot of these things are either not mature or being developed so they all have to be you know developed to a level of maturity where they can enable the drone business to really take off that there are loads of use cases that are emerging and already being deployed right.

Now so some of the more interesting ones are agriculture so drones being able to assess a field of crops and you know tell whether the level of irrigation is sufficient and then actually some drones can deliver pesticides or.

Fertilizers directly as well you know others around sort of surveying so.

Being able to survey for example opencast mines and assess the level of inventory within the within the mine domain other ones around sort of medical aid in emerging markets for example and that’s actually one of the the more.

Interesting ones from a technology point of view because flying beyond line of sight is going to be one of the key technology developments for drones so this means that the drone is either being manually flown by someone who can’t actually see it or it is flying in autonomous.

Mode and this is going to be one of the the kind of key developments that we see going into the future so one of the applications that I would love to see more of with drones and it’s happening already a bit but it’s is the filming of wildlife in context so for example.

You know maybe flying alongside a cheetah while it’s hunting so you can actually get a perspective that you would never all you know never otherwise see.


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