Welcome to our channel a kata dear friends I am again here with a short story the title of which is Mr Bond Hunter once upon a time there was a forest that forest contains many animals they lived a hunter he loved hunting rabbits because he loved the rabbit meat many times was advised by his friends to give up.

Hunting in general and hunting the rabbits in particular you should stop being cruel to animals said his friends I know what I am doing please do not advise me chowder in the hunt annoyed one Sunday afternoon the Hunter was busy preparing to go on another hunting expedition just then a Saint happened to pass by seeing.

The hunter holding a rope or spear a knife and the net the Saint said to the hunter it seems to me that you’re going to.

Catch an animal yes I am going to catch a rabbit in the first replied the hunter but what will you do with the rabbit asked the Saint I will cut it short roast it and eat it up really struck me as a hunter the raw behavior of the hunter unity to the.

Saint no my son I only wanted to tell you that killing innocent animals is a sin all sinners get punished some day in their lives since this humble Saint the hunter yelled back at Saint let me see who comes to punish me and he left in anger the Saints mild air and sad their invitation after some time the hunter was back he was holding a rabbit.

By tears ha ha ha see I have caught my prey now I will cut.

Its throat a roasted right in front of you no one will come to punish me he said to the still meditating Saint just as a hunter was.

Raise his knife it slipped out of his hand and landed on his foot yeah he screamed let letting go of the rabbit the rabbit ran away the hunters furrows badly cut he was in pain it was bleeding profusely but the hunter knew that what happened was nothing but the divine justice I have not realized how cruel and.

Stubborn I have been I will keep hunting completely said the hunter to the scene the.

Hunted had the same for the Vice woods and went on its way the Saint was happy that the Hunter had given up hunting the hunter became a.

Civilized man and lived a righteous lives hope you like the story of us kisses fragging to our Channel Agatha.


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