If you love apple don’t forget to hit that subscribe button in turn on notifications what’s going on guys Apple world here and welcome back to the best home kit accessory series if you guys haven’t actually checked out episode 1 make sure to do so thanks are down below I mean if you haven’t actually watched episode 1 stop watching.

Video I’m serious like stop hit the link down in the description watch it because.

Episode want to be honest place my all-time favorite home kit accessories I mean those accessories that I went over there they’re amazing they’re simple to use so useful so yeah make sure to check out episode 1 but anyways in episode 2 watching we’re finally.

Taking out some really awesome smart lights a security camera and an accessory that you guys probably all know the home pot so without further ado let’s get started so let’s go ahead and get started with our first home kit product of the night the aamna 180 cam HD from dealing now I’ve been.

Using this camera for over six months now so I really know the good things of it and the really bad things of it um it definitely has.

Some some negative aspects to the camera because there’s just some things that are way too complicated to use first off of course it’s home kit that’s why I’m featuring it in this video so.

Just because it’s home kit this makes it a great security camera of course you can check out eat whatever is going on on your Apple watch which is great I mean if you want to check if somebody’s home you literally open up your app watch open up the.

Home get up you can see whoever’s home another thing that I’d love about this camera is that it actually has a built-in microphone and a built-in speaker but the coolest thing about this is since that actually has a speaker can actually talk to the camera from your iPhone or from your Apple so now I do.

This a bunch of times when with my mom or with my sisters I can actually talk to the camera as I said so I can actually talk to my sisters so I’ll be like hey when are we leaving for dinner hey when.

Are we go into our summer house right I literally tell them that and then they actually respond to me straight from there so it’s kind of like a video call I can see them but they.

Actually see me I mean imagine if a stranger actually enters your house or actually starts stealing things on you I feel like everybody should have a security camera at home and.

The best thing about this is the price I mean I bought this for 130 dollars 140 euros.

It’s great price and in my opinion it’s one of the most affordable home kids security cameras I know you can buy other security cameras but they’re not home kit.

This one is home kit and it works really well with the home app and that’s what I practically love the.

Most about the app the design is also nice I really like the way the design looks it’s made of pure aluminium it’s actually got a really nice weight to it so that’s the good aspects of it the only thing that I’d say it’s bad I mean the camera I feel like I grated like an 8 out of 10 it’s not.

A 10 out of 10 or a 9 and a 10 for me because if I want to actually look at the footage from a week ago it’s always so laggy I mean I hate the actual app that d-link has actually built for this d-link if you’re watching us please build a better app for.

This camera I mean the only app that I’m using is home is the home app from Apple but with the home app from Apple you can actually see the footage from last week the only way that you can actually see the footage from last week is to go and set up the security cameras up and the security camera up is trash I mean it’s literally so bad it’s buggy so please fix the app it’s got.

Night vision so it definitely is a great security camera once again if you guys do not have a security camera you guys definitely shouldn’t and if you guys are interested in this one it will.

Of course be linked down below so the next product that we’re gonna actually talk about is.

A light strip from Life extreme on to go to in depth with light specs because I feel like talking about specs of lights it’s kind of boring I mean I could do that it.

Could be like this light hasn’t this much this all I can say about the lifing strip is it it’s honestly amazing it’s super bright and the colors are super saturated this lace grip is of course home kit enable so.

You can simply tell Siri I’ve actually set it up below my bed so it just looks awesome I can be like Siri turn on my bed lights and they of course turn on with life aches products with the light bulb that I’m gonna go ahead and talk about in just a second and the actual strips and all the other products that they have you don’t need a hub so.

They literally just connect to your Wi-Fi which has its good aspects and its negative aspects but to be honest since it’s since you simply don’t have to buy a hub and you know it’s simply.

Cheaper I’d rather lie face rather than Phillips you and next up is of course the smart life from life X the a60 it’s a super small smart light which is honestly amazing once again you don’t really need a hub so they just connect to your Wi-Fi the brightness is amazing and the colors are super vivid I mean you can change this label to whatever color you want from purple pink blue.

Whatever you want I totally recommend not just life it’s.

About any smart lights in general I mean how many smart lights is super useful you can tell serum to change the light to whatever you want but I honestly personally recommend the life expunged.

Use the app is actually super intuitive the app honestly the experience that I’ve had what the app is amazing as well and the last product that.

We’re gonna go ahead and talk about is honestly the father of all home kid devices the home pod if you guys do not have a home pod.

And you guys have hunka devices I don’t really know what you’re doing with your life.

Is a must have if you have home care devices of course you can toggle all of your devices by simply saying the magical words Siri turn on the lights Siri turn off my fish tank I literally have Siri setup to turn off my fish tank Siri does so.

Much for me on the home pod I know you can access URI on your watch I know you can access you it on your phone but the clothes thing about home pod is that you don’t even have to raise your wrist or.

Look at your phone you literally need to speak to your room and then Siri actually understands you and Siri actually turns off lights brings up shields it does whatever you want homekit related I mean I’ve made a bunch of videos related to the home button so they will of course be linked down below if you guys are interested in the home pod but honestly it.

Sounds great Siri maybe is not the smartest I know maybe it can be a little bit smarter but Siri works perfectly.

For me let me know the comments down below what do you guys think of Siri you guys rather the Google assistant or Siri and my opinion Siri does everything.
I wanted to do and honestly the design of the home pod is beautiful.

I love the way it looks I love how it looks at my setup so yeah home buddy is my last accessory and it’s honestly.

A must-have if you guys have home kid devices so yeah guys that’s pretty much it for this video you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a big thumbs up let me know in.

The comments down below some other home key devices that I should check out in episode 3 if you guys want to go ahead and help support the channel make sure to check out Apple world clothing come say guys that’s pretty much it.

For this video I’m sorry that last week I only up another three videos instead of five videos I’m honestly I started school again I have so much homework I.

Have a project to you once day so I’m trying to do as much as I can no this video I needed a script I feel like I could have written and talked better.

In front of my camera but of course I’m doing daily uploads I try to upload Monday to Friday it’s currently 8 o’clock and I have to upload this at 10 some I honestly I come home at 6 my mom is calling me I’m like I come home at 6 and then I have to do everything that I have to do including upload a video and.
Do homework so I don’t really.

Have that much time hopefully you guys will understand me I’m kind of stressed now love you guys.


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