Well I’m going to make a few more changes I think but that’s it for now and I think it’s ready to go now what the veteran journalist for the same impasse for my house too much of a so now I’m just going to brush my back guess the printer is different thing I can sort of build and for.

The permanence of I would check it out winner there’s some restaurant Metro I don’t know important countries range engines here we have the music metro you’re hungry just go in this restaurant and gets on the train.

Too 14 Oh she’ll put the noggin yes usual it’s Friday I guess out of learning I think it’s too sunny yeah I don’t know about the lie lanes I hope this studio when I go back home and check it my back there is a my ability.

To hold on to that do you have a sink Oh I am just a t-shirt swim in the wire is beautiful I the whole the country by drinking digital machine nice I don’t watch like okay that one says sure that thing Naomi.

Preston lava the Chinese market some of us take a meal another semester oh boy I hope I see Spartacus.

Chanting them to come up day of the National p.

went today we’re here with each other take a trauma team to I shot a commercial hh-he and papyrus you know what I want I will.

My preachers started Korean again because I was giving away my models to the clouds very very nice they’re curious about how it works.

And you can tell a lot of girls there most most uh you be surprised you’re thinking all must be high score morosely yes.

They are but more girls and when they ask me to explain it we can figure out right you know right away yeah I just you know even antis antis figured out right way and should give me the memories they’re just like all copy machines it’s the same way technology is evolving am i yeah so I was pleasant.

And now we are heading to the telecom market excuse me can I take a picture yes very.

What if you want to see me because I uncomfortable being on my HMO and a lot like a hundred people or so you guys are not really okay few years that curious found my backpack you can you guys can take.
A picture go ahead take a look turban yes so this is.

The so I’m just trying to tell people this printer is very stable because I’m working and you know sometimes I come into things also like but it’s still printing for and I’m treating myself my.

Motto it’s about forty minutes it.

Takes about 40 minutes to bring myself and I just gave away a couple of my models to other girls who are curious about the fringe also at Starbucks so where are you guys from we have Finland Vina and obviously more penis followers not followers just passerby but I met a lot of I have some Finnish followers they’re.
Is pretty print Arabic color yeah.

It’s pretty miraculous okay let me get a shot of you guys so what.

Are you doing in China watch your face we are studying here starting here studying studying are you going to buy some components today chariot huh I’m mature yet Mitch low gear on oh yeah you are interesting pretty printer.

Yeah it’s like a market a second prom my friend owns a 3d printer store and you can go check out the pretty printer.


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