A YouTube you cannot pick up up with another video tonight’s video is going to be made pickin this far block made by us or our boy it’s a 5 pin er half-year or cylinder cent it was by John Salman for my giveaway as he donate at these locks for the giveaway that I’ll be doing on the Facebook group.

Here lakhs bought anonymous sort of start me at the cheeky video and a got to see if I can get the open on camera I have just picked this lock and it’s dead hard to set the pins but they’re not what it is but you need to use a lot of force in order to set.

Them then it will drop into a false set leaving you a couple of spill pins to deal with when I get the spill pins I’ll try and help then newer Pickers or the newer newcomers to the lock spot so they can deal with spill pins think and me help them so that’s the bitten I’m go to the focus so you can see I need to get under this very deep pin if you put that way I’ll be picking.

Upside down to get up the rest of them which are up behind 5 4 3 & 2 let’s wipe this in the vise get comfortable I’ll get you zoomed in a bit that’s it top of the Kiwi attention I’ll be using a John egging tend pick stronger snails medium tension and you’re really here let’s click in show out the back and five four three two that’s what we then call a false set so the key where is no longer perpendicular or vertical sorry it’s.

Kicking over ten degrees so you either stuck on a mushroom tape in basically a security pin other than at home a serrated pin it’s normally spilt in a row mushroom or something along.

Those lines like you’re taping or something but anyway so then what you do.

Is you put your pick under each and every pin and if when you.

Push down on the pin up push up in this case you’ll get counter see how that countless they want when you push up on the pin the plug wants to spin the opposite we’re to which you’re trying to open and all you do.

Is you push up another and then allow your tension keep still keep the tension allow it to come round until it pops into place say that’s enough thought once yeah that one sets but there’s another spill Pyrenees somewhere so you just push up on all of the pins until you detect it see so when I’m pushing on to see how it’s moving backwards and forwards so I’m trying to go.

Counter to open it and when I push on the pin at MIT and I go the opposite way which will then reset the lock basically so.

Let off your tension just a little bit will still keep the tension on and.

Push up at the same time will you pick it locks open so I hope that X that look like explanation demonstration kinda.

Helps anyone new to the locks for.

Community with dealing with security pins or at least a spill pin or a security pin that’s going to put you in a full set so that’s it picked I’m gonna see if we can get it covered I’m gonna race at that no I haven’t took this lock I hope that didn’t come.

Out the free on the hairpin.

I’m in the KZ so it’s not like I’m gonna change eases crash but um plus I’ve only got one of them get the safe clip off come off and play a ball with us but I’ve never got let this up yet oh look like that’s wait happy tears nice you the bit nice when.


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