New new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new you don’t know okay okay let’s do this okay we’re going back to 80 bucks a 20 bucks anyway don’t forget about it I want to get 80 bucks nine in the store so we did that first but this week we have a.

Toe box eight this was all about making robot friend it’s where we introduced the circuit playground express Cricut while it seems like so long ago but it was an amazing in a box with everything you need to do to make.

Really fun robots that were your friends love you a lot friends it’s inclusive Carmen you get a coloring book and here’s an example.

Of it but you get the Cricut the circuit plug ran express.

Cracking supplies two motors three-wheeled speaker battery box servo saucer.

Large servo um this one was really helped out with by digi-key they sponsored it and they helped us with the design of the Cricut bore and.

Getting it to manufacture you make stuff like this you need yeah and it’s it’s crazy in the box it looks.

Like all the time it’s great for anybody who can use make code or circuit Python or Arduino to program these robots so it’s it’s great for like anybody you don’t have.

To be a robot expert okay okay okay so we got this cool stuff um like she had Gigi over and like she was talking about this stuff this is really interesting we somehow didn’t know about this and.

It’s a conductive nylon tape so you might be familiar with copper tape and it’s again this tape that’s made out of pure.

Thin copper with a conductive glue on it so I was putting my stuff so this tape is made out of this metallic nylon I think it’s a silver coated nylon and we have it with a conductive glue on the back and what’s nice about this we have it in two sizes five millimeter and eight millimeter and I’ll just use a 8 millimeter for demo is it’s easy to cut but of.
Course I forgot my scissors and then you.

Paper on the back hold on fingernail you.

Peel having a day um oh thank.

You finest iStent you can really easily cut.

It it doesn’t tear and I’m like nylon tape it doesn’t crack or Bandhan it’s like super flexible and like I said it has conductive glue on the back so you can like for example take your circuit playground or something with capacitive touch and then you just put this over the pad and you just press down and it’s now you can’t solder to it that’s the only thing that makes it you know different really than copper tape for most uses but what’s.

Nice is you can easily bend and move it you don’t worry about cracking or like what just being danger it’s nicer than copper tape I think I had known about it I would have done more stuff with copper tape and we have two different things going on here right there’s a five millimeter and I want to show really fast um it’s super low resistivity yeah sorry it’s very low resistance.

A couple ohms between points so you can use it to even power small electronics it’s perfect for capacitive touch of course and we recommend it for capacitive touch yeah but you can also use it if you.

Want to power small electronic parts or some wearables and and you can sew to it because it’s fabric so while you can’t start or do it you can’t ya like fabric conductive tape just seems to make more sense with a lot of projects I’ve seen yeah the copper tip kind of like I don’t want the cracking it cracks an aortal or does it really fast and oxidizes okay so we have this conductive so I’d like it we’ll be using in more projects.

I just wanna say you didn’t know about it until now but she’s an ESD it’s what it’s designed for but it’s great for crafting I recommend it and we’ll be we’ll be using it a lot more than Kathy.

Says it’s great been using it for Knossos all circuits yeah yeah this battery pack is neat we have this battery pack the forward up plain wires and now it has you can see at the end it’s got nice breadboard friendly tips so you can plug this straight into your power.

Supply your breadboard your perfboard your header to power your circuits directly if we can still cut and solder those wires but it’s just like really breadboard friendly same price.

It before right also updated the pike aid X input power sound control for every pie from pepperoni this is an updated before it had terminal blocks it now has header so it’s even easier to use just plug those wires right in the uses in their pie Kade but if you’re making any kind of retro arcade project with a Raspberry Pi plug this onto your route through PI 3 if.

That’s recommended it’s the fastest and you can joystick has a.

Speaker out output button input all that.

Good stuff on the Pocket hat oh we got this let me beginning to look a lot like Christmas basically let me turn on my yeah this is a snow globe pack because last year we got these after the holidays but this year we have them before the holidays so this year if you want to make one of these things or give it as a gift or make a custom snow globe yeah.

You can sorry for how long there’s so many do what you got to do okay so you can go to the overhead and I can show what you get where do you go um so you get this snow globe and it’s this bottle with a stopper so you use some e6000 and get that at.

Any hardware craft store and I don’t once you’re done you fill this in with liquid with sparklies with figurines whatever you want you put this in and then you put a little bit each 6000 and you you squish it in it doesn’t a seal it’s just not like a perfect perfect perfect seal also you know if somebody opens it because they’re like hey what’s going on here it can pop open so we could recommend you glue it closed even though.

To it’s recommended you get one of these skinny 5 million power batteries and you get a certain Halloween how come you don’t have that in the.

Story well it was it’s sort of a.

Special for a box but once we got those in the store and.

They’re selling we had a couple left over and we’ll continue to stock these if people like him it’s a mounting kit and as you can see here it comes with the plastic and some screws you can see how he sandwiches the board on it also.

Just nice because the screen if you if you bump it and come loose and then on the overhead I have the demo but the eyeball looks especially cool because it kind of like makes it blobby so it looks like it’s kind of coming out at you and it distorts it in a really neat way so you know you can put any of the eyeballs on.

There and it makes it look even better and because this is clear you can still see the nice silk screen that still be designed so this will add on Kate you should pick up a howling in a lens of course it doesn’t come with those things but if you do have those two things then Bob your uncle you put.

This on and you’re good to go okay and tonight the star the show besides you later in the entire community is the prop maker wings yes thought I played one bit of video in the beginning of show I’m gonna play some more nice and this is what it.

Looks like on the desk after you make your lightsaber but you’re like I want to walk around my house with the lightsaber well no you did it fresh okay so this is a start let me explain what’s going on here so we have people who are making props.

And projects with the feather and it was.

Like they always had to take a couple boards and put them together to get what they wanted done so we’ve looked at a lot the projects with wanting to build another the lightsaber that we.

Made with the Halloween we thought what would we want to add to a feather to make it really good for making props now it doesn’t do everything but it’s also only like about ten bucks so it’s like you know you get enough going on because.

You can make some cool projects especially keep it nice and small in feather size so you get an audio amplifier so if you’re using the feather em 0 & 4 we have circuit Python has.

A great audio support – really easy to play audio files and we even.

Have polyphonic audio coming soon so you can have like background and foreground sounds so this will drive a 8 ohm or 4 ohm speaker 8 ohms are like not super loud but they’re good for small props and 4 ohm speakers of course super loud they’ll definitely fill up the room you need a big battery to drive them it comes.

With a triple axis accelerometer we use the list 3d H now some people like well why don’t you have like a $9 with like acceleration and gyro and magnetometer.

The answers a lot of props don’t need it the extra cost for a $9 sensor doesn’t.

Usually pay out because a lot of people don’t have the code that can really read that 9.8 and do something complicated with it for a lot of props you just want tilt or motion or I shook.

It or I hit it for those things.

The accelerometer is plenty like if you saw with the lightsaber you don’t need a jar or magnetometer to do the swing or the hit or like the you know basic motion output so also if you saw Philby had a really great project showing how it can detect the accelerometer contect steps so.

As you step it can make sound effects we had like a person of dragon costume and it would make stoppi sounds and when they jumped it would make a roaring sound so you can do that with just an accelerometer and the list through VHS is a low-cost but really great accelerometer and we have.

Tons of good support code for it it also has a 3 watt LED driver so you can drive RGB LEDs if you have like a really bright light you want to add you don’t have to use a 3 watt LED you can use smaller ladies too but it can drive.

Up to 3 watts with 3 powerful MOSFET transistors it has a level shifted neopixel output now with our jst connection because I know it’s like a lot of times you want to be able to disconnect the LEDs from the board.

While you’re taking it apart what are those holes right there oh we have breakouts for the enable pin so you know you probably the prop the wing in your prop and you want to bring the on/off switch outside somewhere so we made it really easy for.

You to connect two wires to make an on/off switch and there’s also another switch input that is easy to break out to and you can connect us which I’ll show on the demo and then another thing that you it’s not.

Labeled here but there’s a power pin so a lot of people when they make their props it’s like well you want to have an accelerometer on to detect motion and and read the switch but you.

Don’t want the neopixels to be all lit up because they do take up a lot of quiescent current and maybe the RGB LED as well so we have a power pin that when you activate it it will shut off power to the neopixels like that v plus pin so it’ll reduce the quiescent power and we did some power measurements so this means that instead of taking.

Up a milliamp per new pixel it takes none and the quiescent current for the whole wing is about a milliamp you’re still gonna have to put your feather into a little power mode if you wanted to but if you don’t that will really save you if it about time you pixels on your project and you want to like lower the power but still listen for button presses you don’t turn off the whole thing you just want to turn off the the.

High current Speaker and neopixel up but so let me show my demo will see if I can get my demo up and running battery I see the prop maker wing yeah so I have it side by side with a feather you know and zero Express just.

To show it and it does work with all feathers but it won’t have all the capabilities so for example the you know the audio output and the amplifier only works if your feather has an audio output and only like the M for the m0 and the teen seat has that and for the end of the audio playback circuit Python is best so you.

Can use this wing with an esp8266 you just won’t get the audio output you’ll still do the RGB LEDs this is a 3 watt RGB LED will serve the button in the new pixel an accelerometer but you won’t have you know the speaker out so.

Where was I I just had this battery and then I lost it I just put a backward I took it out of is so excited about explains brought my doing okay so you still want to power your project portably so of course you use the feather.

Battery power supply and then what’s interesting here is I have the enable pin connected up to this toggle switch so this is how you turn it on or off so this is really nice because if it it’s fully on off we’re gonna displace any cables and then you have this button so I have this here a panel mount button and it’s a really bright it’s it’s playing audio.

From the speaker and it’s got the neopixel s are the a gigantic 3 watt RGB LED and then when I tap it it changes the colors of the neopixel so this is just a demo showing you know audio playback through the speaker RGB LED neopixel button switch and then you know force I want to shut up be quiet to turn off so this is everything do you circuit Python you can make all those props you wanted to.

And you know just to be straight up we looked around there’s a ton of expensive complicated bizarre hard to use cranky like here’s how to make a profit so like five.

Hundred dollars and like they’re not open source and so we said let’s go in and like let’s do a good job.

Yeah and then we’re gonna have this speaker in the store sooo this is a nice compact or you want a speaker so like if I don’t want this little skinny they don’t speak or just cute in low cost so maybe I’m like look I want to I want to.

Have some lets you spend more of your time building the props then like oh now I need to download an IDE and then just like one more little bit of.

A kitchen for the – yes I know I’m gonna.

Go to the kitchen and I’m getting it a sec alright well do you want a life saver yes this is how that’s really touching a thing so there’s a problem yes so this is sort of.

The big speaker so yeah if you want a big speaker you can.

Know activate it and now it’s much louder this is even it like full loudness yeah but yeah so um loud easy sounds loud easy neopixels bright RGB LED and of course you can you can add other feather wings too if you have in conflicts the pins are labeled on the bottom but I think this.

Will make yes is not just for lightsabers but we.

Thought about light sabers on building this but I think there’s a lot of other props that we’ve thought of.

Since we designed this and like what can we build with a prop maker wing and it’s it’s low cost I mean like it’s pretty cheap if you get add to any feather.


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