Solutions review is on location a comm volt go in Nashville Tennessee brought to you by CommVault we are back at convo go 2018 with a friend an old friend Lance Shaw director of solutions marketing and compound thank you so much yes I know I am getting older I admit it it happens everyday I can’t believe it what can.
I do well thanks for being here very nice to be here actually thank you.

For having me well this is quite an amazing event and and it’s it’s a customer conference so obviously there are a lot of folks here with a lot of different things happening to them right.

And one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about is is ransomware which is for CommVault anyway probably one of.

The greatest selling propositions on the planet it is definitely a driver to get people thinking about their recovery strategy and how ready they.

Are to do things right you know I think probably a.

Few years ago when people talk.

About ransomware there was absolutely this it won’t happen.

To me sort of mentality and I’ll.

Probably get away with it or I’m a big mega corporation and no one would dare do it and you know as we’ve heard here at the show it doesn’t matter the size of the business size the organization you know you are susceptible and it’s now become.

A matter of you know it will happen well it’s no longer.

An if that’s really it I mean we’re we’re all getting raided I mean because the the the love large numbers that just make sense to attack everybody.

Easily enough to do yeah well what’s what’s happening now of course is the.

And automation is making it even simpler right so where where it was once a hobby for some it’s now becoming you know a profession it’s exceptionally organized you know you’ve got ransomware developers that are agile development houses now right so it seemed it’s moved into the state of organized crime nation-states and very well-funded organizations so when it get to that level and we’ve you know we’ve gone from hey I’m gonna extort you for a ransom – I’d actually like.

Your data and monetize that and sell it on you know on the dark wherever open market somewhere well in with the advent of cryptocurrency it’s it’s now there’s a vehicle for which to to make the ransom effectively anonymous correct right right which is around a track untraceable that right makes it even more popular so you know when we talk to customers about all this in this lovely world we live in with with this in this kind.

Of environment it’s like alright well I’ll do what I can to protect it and there are multiple systems involved but I will also need.

To make sure that I can recover quickly so what we’ve announced here at the show we’ve shown the new command center we’ve shown new dashboards that allow you to you know see your anomalies more effectively you’re no longer scanning through event logs.

Hoping that you don’t blink at the wrong time and miss something important and and so with this you know with better visibility comes better awareness and the you know the knowledge of what’s going on but what we’re also been talking a lot about is you know the the the automation and and being able to know about it very.


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