Can I have everyone’s attention please the next talk is about this time alright so if you have the booklet the first question in there if driverless vehicles are arrived for a hacking and that is why those is here today so this is a robotics interface designer and a rapid prototyping specialist and he is going to present hacking driverless.

Vehicles right it is great to be back at Brooklyn again and that’s really exciting to have a chance to give this as a retro talk because I really was wanting to update this talk anyway because some.

Really interesting stuff had come out since I gave it at Brook on six if I recall correctly so I sort of took the instructions to heart here about presenting pretty much the original talk and then plus some sort of updated stuff and then I was you know sort.

Of on the fence about it today I was and I’m thinking like you know maybe I shouldn’t have like.

Old stuff like basically every single slide from the original one and then I saw it this morning the number of people that stood up saying that this.

Was their first broke on so then I felt a.

Lot better about basically doing the original one but because I added a bunch of stuff to it and a live demo I thought that I’m gonna have to go real fast through some of the interest stuff so bear with me on going through a lot of that stuff.

Fast which I’ll start off going fast with my intro stuff most people know me well more people know me than for anything else for the TV show that I did called prototype this in which we did a few unmanned systems so we did a.

Autonomous drone aircraft that delivered lifejackets to people who are in trouble in the water and we crashed a lot of aircraft so we learned about failures in the air and we also did ground-based autonomous vehicles for delivering pizza so we did a small two-wheeled self-balancing pizza delivery vehicle for local delivery and.

We did a full size vehicle for delivering pizza over large distances and as part of this project we did the first ever autism us crossing of a United States highway bridge so real driverless vehicles I also host autonomous robotics competitions for the rubber.

Out those many of them our maritime competitions boats and submarines so originally when I put this talk together the motivation was to not to say like oh we’re gonna we’re gonna mess with driverless vehicles and you know there’s gonna be a total disaster was the motivation was that this thing these things are coming we’re gonna be we’re gonna be writing an autonomous vehicles before too long and so we need to sort.

Of understand what the vulnerabilities are and the reason why we know that we’re going to have autonomous systems around us is because the many advantages that they hold so the energy efficiency of not having to carry human pilots the time efficiency of being out to go places without having to stop to let the human driver go to the bathroom or sleep or whatever and all the things that we can do that with autonomous vehicles that we couldn’t do if we had.

To have a human on board so we’re not going to be stopping the revolution by threatening to hack driverless vehicles but the system.


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