This is our AI powered home with firefighting robot we take data from a sensor tag push it to a Raspberry Pi run the data through node read eventually uploading the data to Google firebase we made an app that controls anything that one might want to control in a smart home this could be anything from your air conditioner and.

Fans to your lights note that we.

Didn’t have these devices to test on and we simply turn on LEDs currently the app can also display data that might be relevant to a home user we showed us here bringing up the.

Humidity by breathing on the sensor the app currently displays temperature humidity as well as pressure whenever any of these fields breach a predefined warning threshold the app sends a notification warning to the user you can see our database here we upload everything to Google firebase pulling down data in real time to display it on the screen you can also see our development process and favor of development speed over customizability we decided to build the app using MIT app developer rather than end with studio and this is our.

Firefighting robot it runs on an Arduino Uno and uses a standard flame sensor to detect the fire it tries to detect a fire in every direction until it actually finds one it then calculates how to move forward towards it and then.

Moves forward just a little bit before recalculating as we want to be extra sure that we’re moving towards the fire it’s a bit slow right now because we could only find one flame sensor with.

Multiple sensors we could increase the speed at which the robot can find the fire and move towards it even hear.

A buzzer whenever the robot is able to see the fire as well once the robot is sure that it’s in front of the fire it deploys a firefighting mechanism to put out the flame currently we just used a cup of.

Water when the robot detects a fire it also sends out a text an email message to whoever might want to receive it telling about the fire with more time we’d like the robot to actually use a water pump instead of a cup of water we think this low-cost product could be put to great use in any home.


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