Hello everybody today we are going to be doing a little unpackaging of the Bosma x1 camera and a little bit tutorial as well so what I have here is the packaging for this camera looks pretty sturdy I’ll show you around here it has bunch of functionalities including 1080p camera and faces division meaning that the camera can be turned.

Around 50 degrees and the Starlight vision which gives you color images in low light environments and a Smart Hub camera meaning that this camera itself.

Can have a bunch of accessories attached to it for better overall functionalities so let’s just get started on the unpacking part alright so what we have in the box is the camera itself so the camera looks like this it’s coated with aluminum alloy and.

It feels pretty sturdy at the front here we have the 1080p camera and around us there around the camera there are six infrared sensors for filming videos in low-light environments and then the front here we have the PIR sensor and then at the back here we.

Have the power cable USB port and at the top here we have the SD card slot plus.

The reset button and at the top here we have the microphone and within the body of the camera there is a speaker so that’s pretty much the device itself and also in the package we have the adapter which is just regular adapter and two accessories the doorbell and the smart door detector so the doorbell looks like this and and then.

At last we have the door detector all right looks like to party so that one what one part of it is attached to the door the.

Other is attached to the frame so when the door opens a trigger sir you know event and finally we have the user manual.
At the bottom so that’s pretty much everything in the.

Box and the next step we’re gonna go into the app and then connect the IP camera to show you how to actually use the camera so as you can.

Already plug the power cable into the device so the next thing we need to do is to use the Postma smart app to connect the device with the phone okay so as you can see here I already have the.

Post most more app installed on my phone but if you don’t you can just go to the App Store on iOS or a place or on Google and search for both my smart and the first app available should be it once you have it just tap on it to open it and.

Then this is going to be the main screen before that it should be a login screen but I already logged in yeah at the top right corner there’s the.

Add device button so let’s just get started and then add the post my x1 which is the first one here it’s going to be looking for.

The device and you just need to provide it with Wi-Fi settings right – a thing and it’s.
Now it’s done so we go back to the screen here tap on it this is gonna be.

The live view as you can see this is you know showing whatever the camera is seeing right now alright so next we can also add the accessories here it’s the same.

Place let’s just add the doorbell and then we go into it this is pretty pretty much the similar steps just follow instructions on.

The screen and it’s connected this is going to be the preset camera position setup basically meaning that when somebody press the doorbell the camera.


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