What’s going on guys it’s not in total with another review video today I just got in my home security system it’s the all-in-one alarm from sense8 and now we’re gonna take a closer look alright now we’re gonna take a closer look at the sense8 smart all-in-one home security system see here the boss very nice if all the text.

HD very high serene has a speaker the birth data 8j the bytes very very good you see that a snap of the app which I’ll show.

See all the features here let’s look inside black box like this instruction manual know what to do right away warranty this is the security camera itself very nice design very nice doesn’t weigh.

Much at all but it feels strong see here what’s in the.

Box you may be cable and the charger alright to install you have to go to your Google Play Store or your Apple Store and you type in sense8 and you start installing the program once installed open you’ll see this screen and then you have to make.

An account you just click sign up and you start making the account then once you’re in then you just have to plug in the device and turn it on the other light will.

Blink and then you’re gonna have to put in your your Wi-Fi code and then once it’s blue I’ll start pairing and then your alarm will be connected to your phone so on your phone already in your app you can see the humidity after how’s the temperature the outside weather indoor and outdoor that’s very convenient you can see a screen of your house you can speak to it you can record if.

You click to the mode tab and you can armed your alarm meaning that the motion detector will start make the serene if it detects anything you can disarm you can schedule it you can auto armed settings is when you make your final touches it there has cloud storage you can create personalized your profile you can add a device you can share your device very very convenient app I really like it this home security system has a full HD camera it has a.

Motion detector it has a sensor that detects light it also has a sensor that detects your temperature and humidity inside your home if you want more information about this product or where to buy it I have a link in the description section below that take you straight to Amazon all.

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