Hi this is Janice Overbeck with the Janice of Rebecca real estate team Keller Williams Realty and thank you for visiting our video blog today we’re going to talk about three home renovations to add value to your home so the first thing that you want to do to add value to your home is you need good curb appeal people.

Drive past houses to see what neighborhoods are like before they choose to look at houses a lot all generation type to do.

That so definitely take a look at your yard and put more mulch down put more sod in paint your front.

Door and change the hardware and make your curb appeal look great highly recommend that the other thing to add value to your home is that people always say update kitchens and.

Baths I would only recommend updating the kitchen in the master bath the other bathrooms won’t bring you enough value.

The kitchen one thing that’s really popular right now in kitchens is quartz I recommend granite though still because it’s a lot cheaper and ornamental white is a beautiful granite choice that’s very similar to.

Recommend putting in the kitchen also white is very popular with cabinets so you can probably get away with just painting your cabinets white and putting some new hardware on the oil rubbed bronze is very very popular but it is about double the cost of brushed nickel so brush nickel is timeless and beautiful so I recommend just using.

That in your kitchen and third.

Smart home automation it’s definitely a new topic it’s been around for.

About 10 years or so but it’s really getting popular now I have put this in my home and we used control4 and you can turn on the.

Lights from your iPhone you can turn them off you can look at security cameras you can unlock your front door and it does so many other things too so it’s it you can open your garage door so I highly recommend that people love it it’s awesome when it comes to selling a home that you already have the wire is in place and have this setup in your house and.

It can really add some fun value thanks again for watching this video if you have any questions about this.

Topic or anything else please give us a call hope you have a great.



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