(upbeat music) – The home of the future.

It’s been a dream fordecades but can we build one right here in Austin, Texas.

The Verge and Curbed havepartnered to bring this dream of the home of the future to life. I’m Grant Imahara andour goal is to construct a house that combinescutting edge technology with innovative design.

Some of thelatest smart home systems and high-efficiency design can create a more secure and convenient environment.

and actually improve our daily living.

We build this Home Of The Future? Well, it all begins in the factory.
(eeeeing of grinder) In east Texas constructioncompany, evolution, builds roughly 85% ofits houses inside this 265,000 square foot warehouse.
Each year they complete about 50 homes.
These fully constructedmodular units can be finished.

In 1/3 of the time it takesto build a house onsite. (crackling of welder)(eeeeing of grinder) (baarrring of drill) The power of prefabsor prefabricated.

Homes is that they can be mass produced without.

Compromising quality of design and structural stability. The assembly line construction begins with.

Pouring the concrete floor and once the slab’s beenlaid down cranes and hoists pick them up and take them to the line. But the scale of this assembly line is bigger than most.

How long’s it take fromwhen a slab comes in to the finish line? – We have 17 stations. If we were doing onebox a day you could have a complete box in anywherefrom five to six. The house is assembled as it rolls down the line on a track. The walls are installed on top then. It goes from station-to-station, to sheet rock, the top is placed on, until there you have it, a complete unit. Technically Luna Houseis a prefabricated home. For me at least when I first heard about prefabricated homes I have this idea that they are cheap or low quality. Where do you think that that comes from? – I think a lot.

Of it comes from certainly post-World War II era andthe association as well with prefab with modular housing which we also associatewith the mobile home. So you have that kind ofconnection in many peoples minds even in so far as a lotof prefab construction is actually quite high-end. – This is Michelle Addington, the Dean, of The University of Texas.

At Austin School of Architecture. – The opportunity to havemuch more precise control over manufacturing inparticular is what enables the greater quality. And so by going factory-built you have an opportunity not onlyfor higher quality control but the opportunity to.

Usemuch higher-end materials because they can beprotected in the factory in a way that they’re not gonna be as protected on a. – The downsideis that you can’t deviate from the design once. So, you better be surethis is what you want. Our Luna House has threebedrooms.

And is 60 feet long, and, that’s not changing. And because the factoryis a giant assembly line a.

Problem with one house can delay all the other projects behind it. In fact, our originalhouse was delayed so long that we needed to switch to ahouse further along the line. But even with delays likethese the total amount of time from.


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