Okay welcome to the innovations all I want to see if we can get the Google home device to cast the audio to the shop radio right so we have the group the chromecast Audio connected to the shop radio that when we set it up we gave it a temporary name it had chromecast Audio and a number right so.

We want it first of all give the device a name it’s a blip quality there studio radio or shop or pawn shop radio now if this was in your living room you can call it living room or something.

Like that so what we’re going to do is open up the home app and we will go up to the devices setting in the menu so I clicked on the menu click on devices and right at the top.

Is our chromecast Audio 96 35 so I have the little ellipsis or what is this thing you all the three dots to the right and I click on that and click on settings right and there’s named chromecast Audio I click on that we’re going to delete that name and now I’ll give it a name and we said what shot Radio shop radio good as any yep and.

That was simple done click OK applied settings now we’ve named this device something that hopefully we can remember so let me see if I can get it to play.

Something ok google play some music on the shop radio there we go and I can turn it down you can see it’s coming from this device not the Google.

Audio right and it’s working no problem yeah and you can actually control the turning down okay Google’s turn down the volume okay Google stop playing audio so it works you have some controls over it from the Google home so I’m.

Could turn down the audio though could you from the Google home bro yeah I just I’ve just made it a little bit okay you can also some of the other things you can do is say audio level one.

Audio level eleven right goes to 11 all right if you know reference like spinal tap right so all right there you have it it’s pretty cool very simple so now this device could be you could walk away as long as all my Wi-Fi put it in somewhere else in the house put it in my living room put it in the shop that’s right and now as long as you’re you know you can speak to your Google Google device or you can.

Open up your app yeah and send the music to this device very easy and that’s clever I like very cool all right thanks.
For watching the handy guys thanks..


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