So you want to protect your home in your family but choosing a home security system is a crazy process there’s tons of them out there the plans are confusing they come and drill a whole bunch of holes in your walls and you’re probably gonna get stuck with a multi-year contract so what if you don’t want that what if.

You want something that’s smarter that’s easier and more convenient and it works great with existing smart home products well today I’ve partnered with nest to show you the new nest secure this could change the way that you view home security the net secure alarm.

System starter pack comes with everything that you need to get started for more information and current pricing I will leave a link down below for you if you’re interested first you get the Messick eur itself and what I appreciated about it is is that it’s really compact and design is so clean with the built-in speaker with the loud 85 decibel siren there’s even a backup battery in there there’s even a motion sensor built in behind the nest logo I love.

The way it looks nothing like any other security system I’ve ever seen before it blends in perfectly with my home you get a slim power adapter and a USB cord to power the net secure also you get some QuickStart guides and warranty information just in case you need help with the setup process and it comes with two NFC Nest tags which I will show you what they do later it just simplifies this entire process and also comes with two nests the tech sensors these are not your normal sensors you can.

Use them in a few different ways of course you can use it as they open and close sensor so you can put.

Them on your doors or windows but you can also use it as a standalone motion.

Sensor for your rooms that need it you can just stick it on the wall no drilling no wires or screws are needed it’s battery is replaceable it lasts up to two years and since the.

Nest detect is ul certified it will let you know when the battery is getting low if it’s being tampered with or if the sensor.

Is not working properly my personal favorite touch is that these sensors also work as pad lights so it’s easy to see in the dark so why would I want to use this instead of something else I actually already have a security system that was built.

Into my home but I never use it it gives me very limited control and it.

Doesn’t work with my existing smart home products I like the net secure because I feel like he gives me the most flexibility I can put it anywhere I want to I can add as many sensors as I want or use as little as I want.

To nothing is permanent on a wall this is especially important if you live in an apartment complex or if you live in a rented home and you still want security but your landlord might not let you install a traditional system and you might not want to be locked up into a year or two year contract and you’re looking for an option that lets you monitor it.

Yourself this can give you that flexibility and since this is not permanent and it’s portable if you move next year or if you rent another home you can take your.

Investment with you another reason why I would use this is because it’s really.


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