What is going on guys so today I’m really excited not only because I have a new LG projector on the channel also because this thing won the Editors Choice Awards on projector central they stated overall the hua TKA is the most exciting projector we’ve seen from LG Electronics and certainly the most unique and innovative 4k projector to hit.

The market so far and we’re gonna figure out exactly why this thing is so unique in today’s.

Video this video is sponsored by LG and that means that they’re paying to have their product on our Channel but it does not mean that they’re paying for me to give them.

A good review so with that being said let’s jump into today’s video hey guys welcome back to the channel if you’re new make sure you hit that subscribe button down below we do monthly giveaways and every month you have a chance to win something there will be a link down below in the description guys it’s just a couple clicks to join that contest anyone can join so make sure you get in there so today we have the LG Sena.

Beam laser 4k projector also known as the hua TKA the first obvious difference with this projector is the shape and design coming out of the package you’re greeted with this tower shaped projector this stands upright and has a handle on top to carry it I’ve reviewed a lot of projectors on the channel but this is the first time I’ve seen one that looks like this so on the bottom side you have four rubber black feet allowing you to place this model anywhere in an upright position however if you really wanted this mountain.

On the ceiling upside down you can unscrew these feet and open up four slots for it to be mounted on the backside of the projector you.

Have your antenna cable in digital audio output USB one HDMI one landline and your power cable on the right side you.

Have your HDMI input number two your second USB port and also a headphones jack two major selling points of this projector is number one it’s a 4k UHD projector which is different from some of the true.

4k models we’ve seen on the channel and number two it’s a laser projector so what exactly does that mean well it means that any 4k UHD movies or games you watch will look incredibly clear with eight point three million pixels being displayed by laser on screen the laser projector enables you to have up to.

Images and the HDR built-in features add some bonus clarity the fact that LG included a carry handle and retractable power cable on this new Sena beam gives me the impression that this could also be used as a portable projector the power.

Cable simply pulls out from the bottom of projector M goes back inside when it’s no longer being used so setting up the center beam is incredibly easy due to the fact that they give you a couple of different options depending on the room that you want.

To set it up in you can use the projector mirror on top and leave the standing upright on.

The floor or you can flip the top back and lay it down horizontally to aim the laser directly at the screen one cool advantage to having the.

Adjustable mirror is you can easily stand this upright on the floor in a bedroom remove the top and have it aimed at the ceiling if you prefer watching movies laying in bed also on the back side there’s a couple screw slots so if you wanted to have this mounted horizontally you can also do that from the ceiling no matter how you choose to.

Use it LG made it very easy to set up on a room-to-room basis so the LG center beam is a smart projector which means it does come with Wi-Fi Bluetooth and of course it comes with the LG homescreen the fact that Wi-Fi is included gives users the ability to stream movies wirelessly from video streaming services and also browse the web I have been a longtime fan of this home screen layout due to the fact that is very simple to find.

And use your favorite apps on you can easily download more apps from the App Store or even shop LG exclusive content once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi.

The remote control that comes with the center beam projector is a Magic Remote which means anywhere you aim it on-screen you will see a mouse pointer making navigation a breeze and I have got to.

Admit that I am very pleased by the color and clarity of this projector it has 2500 lumens which is enough to see in a well-lit room but at night time or in a dark room the colors and images really pop and look.3 million pixels this projector is putting out watching blu-rays and 4k movies look absolutely amazing in life like up on the big screen the picture output is honestly the clearest I have seen yet so far on our.

Channel also the built-in speaker on the LG Sena beam is not bad for itself if I turn this up full volume.

It sounds pretty good I would still prefer to have external speakers connected but if you don’t have external speakers in your home theater this can get the job done for the time.

Being so the price tag is a bit higher than some of the other models that we’ve reviewed here on the channel so far but.

You have to look at what you’re paying for a 4k projector with Ultra High Definition and HDR 10 which gives you an extra clear image on the screen also the fact that this is a laser projector it does give you a bit more clarity than LED.

Or LCD projectors would and that’s another added bonus so I hope this video.

Helpful if it was smack that thumbs up button there’s a link down below in the description if you guys wanted to check out this projector for yourselves it is.

On the market it’s fresh on Amazon go check it out guys this is a hot model and always feel free to leave a comment down below let us know what you think about today’s product and also maybe some suggestions of products that you would like to see on the.

Channel in the future so until next time my name is Casey Noland and I will catch you guys later peace.


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