This is the Google home hub this is their take on smart display they’ve added some new things and some new software features with the home app to make this the smart display to get with a small footprint and $150 price point we spent a few days with it and we’re gonna let you know what more can I do.

Does it work out and what’s the sound like compared to this Lenovo smart display so the home hub offers minimalistic look to it so think of the Nexus 7 tablet I’m not sure if you remember that sitting on a super small version of the home max so way thin about 16.
But bottled water more or less you’ve got two far-field mics on the display.

And in the middle where a camera B is there light sensor so you can’t make video calls but you can still make audio calls you got a mute switch and the volume rocker on the rear then the seven-inch LCD displays it’s pretty good it handles all the visuals of does a good job at doing so it’s it’s good and bright enough to.

Handle with step-by-step recipes and YouTube visuals so that would make it look good now speaking of that light sensor they call it the ambient eq light sensor so what this does is matches the amount of light in the room as well as adjusting to the color temperature so if you’re in the bedroom time to go to sleep turn the lights off it’ll match that so there’s a glaring bright screen it’s very subtle but once you see what it can do.

It’s actually really interesting is actually pretty cool with this being a small speaker but how does it sound Google put a full-range speaker on.

Here so it kind of gives you a sort of 360-degree sound but it’s not it’s not really sound problems pretty good for something really small it does you know do a good job of filling up a decent sized room it’s not gonna be the last thing you ever heard you can even adjust the bass and treble to your liking within the new home app so if you want.
To know what the Home Hub sounds like compared to.

The Lenovo smart spray freezing cold that’s how we already when it’s here my daughter pratik going that’s.

Just salty no you don’t know nothing else I tried to show the home hub was made some mind of being a good photo frame Google thought of that.

And they added a new feature to their photo section called live out so what this does is instead of showing you know a specific album or random pictures you can literally create a custom album.

That’s based on you know people or the pets in your life that you want you want to see every day if you’re you taking pictures with your phone and using Google photos every time you take a picture of that person or pet it’ll get updated and.

Added into that photo op one of those big key features here is something actually really small and they call it the home view so this is pretty much a really small addition but a big.

Missing piece to what they have in smarts plate software so the.

Home hub is using instead of you know Android things it looks like Android things it’s actually a version of Google cast call assistant OS what’s that dave was able to throw in home view so what home do does this gives you a new way to view and control all smart devices and other home products on the same Wi-Fi network in your home so by adding this you can have the hub work with.

If you have a home or a home any or home max and divide multi-room audio throughout the house you can create a speaker group and have them actually talk together in regards to playing music if you have the nest cam.
Or nest hello doorbell you can you you know you know.

That it doesn’t have a camera you.

Can view the camera feed from there and see who’s at the door or who drops them off you got a nest thermostat you can adjust temperature from there and got smart locks you can lock on lot smart lights on/off change.

The color temperature as well and much more other than that you can still do all the cool things as you know give recipes and tell to play.

Music and different things you know it’s play games trivia games and all the countless other things you could do with Google system but the bad news is that this is.

Slightly more limited can’t play Netflix or Hulu on the home hub yet so so far you literally just locked into you know YouTube YouTube TV regards to video and then.

Pandora Spotify and all that stuff you can use Google home is small yet powerful has access to Google owned services but still with the limitations but and.

A cohesive smart home eco system for less money again the thing is $150 if you pick one of these guys up to give you 6 months of YouTube premium with that not too much for 6 months so that’s AD freed YouTube as well as access to their original content like Cobra Kai.

And all those things that they have and as well as YouTube music if you haven’t tried YouTube TV you can do.

That as well let us know if you have any other question for us we can definitely answer those in.

The comments below are you picking one up let us know as well you could have been anywhere in the world but you here with us we appreciate you for watching and see you next video peace.


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