Hi everybody and welcome back to my channel I hope everyone’s having a wonderful day well today I know I’m late on this trend I’m going to unbox and review the Google home Mini now I’ve had this at home for quite some time I just never got around to actually using it I’ve heard great things I’ve also heard of.

Not-so-great things so I’m here to unbox it and provide.

You with my review if you’re wondering what the Google home Mini is by now you’ve you all probably know what it is because it was the hottest trend oh I’d say around Christmas 2017 we’re now in end of July beginning of August so as I mentioned.

I’m late in the game but I purchased it and at that time I loved it and I really wanted one I got it during a really good sale I paid a.99 it regularly retailed in the past tense for I believe it was like $99 then it went down to $79 and.
I’ve seen it sold for 49:59 so you.

Can purchase it for it substantially lower than what it retailed for back in Christmas but I’m here to unbox it because I want to try it so again if you’re not familiar with the product what it is and I’m just taking this straight off the website so what is Google home well in the simplest terms it is a voice assistant it will answer questions that you would have to.

Type into Google on your computer or smartphone so basically you’re verbally asking a question instead of having to type.

It in to a phone or an iPad or a.

Laptop or whatever the case may be yeah it’s making us lazier by the day so it should be super convenient for example you wake up in the morning you’re getting ready for work do I need to bring an umbrella well what I’ve heard because I haven’t tried it myself you can simply ask Google what is the weather today Google will.

It rain today or if you’re planning on traveling somewhere Google how many kilometres is it from point A to point B and I’ll let you know the kilometers Google tell.

Me the recipe on how to make chocolate marble.

Cake well it’ll help you with that.

Too so we shall see so anyways it is a very simple box it’s cube shaped on the.

Box itself it says compatible with these nest Philip Webb Moe Google chromecast Google photos Spotify and Netflix YouTube.

And I have a little partner here who’s whispering in my.

Ear saying you can ask her to help me with math so I think that’s cheating Isabella so for example.

If Isabella doesn’t know what ten plus ten is she okay so you don’t need Google right okay so there.

You go these are okay so we’re here to open it because Sabella really want.

To open it and it says here you could also make hands-free phone calls so there you go so we’re super excited to try this out yes she has the taller one or the small the bigger one I have the smaller one so the.

One she has looks like this the big one in the middle yeah Google home yeah and of course the one I have looks like this little right even it looks like unblocked okay so let’s go ahead and then box this and I’m gonna do this off the air and we’ll come right back so pretty much we’re just.

Gonna go ahead and open it so the first thing you see here is the actual little Google mini home our whole mini and I picked I believe this is called the charcoal color I believe there’s three colors to choose from in the mini home I believe it’s white a.

Gray and a charcoal I believe this is the charcoal but it’s I mean some people will call it gray as well so that’s what it looks like it’s just a round shaped little donut without the whole innama know like the little switch airway maybe they’re right yeah we can see that.

Is how you turn it on okay well let’s know we have to plug it or charge it.

I know so that’s it there so it’s very compact which is good and.

The rest of the box we need to open it up here I guess you can pull that little tab over there oh and it has extraction has instructions okay so these are the instructions here it’s like the USB and this actually.

Plugs in the wall so it’s not rechargeable you would need to plug it in the wall if I’m not mistaken and that’s it yeah that’s it.

So looks pretty simple you can have a look see if there’s anything else so we have the star of the show which is this we have some instructions and we have the actual plug so nicely has this little finger to keep everything neat so there’s nothing else in the box yeah I noticed this like I think I’m this was just and this would.

Just plug right in there doesn’t have any.

Knots so that would plug right in.

There and then we would plug this let me pan out this is probably the closest one here so we’re just.

Going to go ahead and plug it and.

We’ll be right back okay so we’ve gone ahead and plugged it into the outlet and you could see these three little or four little.

Lights have turned on so that indicates that the power is oh welcome to Google home to get started download the Google home app on a phone or tablet okay so her Google’s instructions it wants us to download the and as per the paper instructions it says the same thing so you plug it in and it says get the app and you download the Google home app.

From Google Play if your Android or the App Store if your.

Then follow the on-screen steps to finish setup so let’s go ahead and do that I have my other phone here so we’re going to the Play.

Store because I am with androids so let’s.

Play store and I’m gonna go ahead and type in exactly what it asked me to so download.

The Google home app so we’re gonna go ahead and type Google home and you can see that’s the first one that comes up oh and it says that one device was found so it already has found it so we’re gonna go ahead and set it up would you like to set up this.

Device we do so we’re gonna go ahead and answer yes and it’s connecting and you can see here that the lights on the actual devices change colors.

To blue it’s asking did we hear that sound we most certainly did so we’re gonna click yes and we’re gonna say yes I’m in where is this device.

So it provides us with different options we’re currently in our living room so we’re going to hit living room Hey so it did ask you for some information which I edited that out and saying that my living room speaker is now ready so let’s explore what we can do hi I’m your Google assistant I’m.


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