Yes my name is billa this is your tech today we’re going to take a look at Samsung’s brand new version 3 pub this was just introduced in mid-august it is the third iteration of the Samsung hub the first one of course is when it was a Kickstarter and they were on their own the second one was just after.

Their acquisition by Samsung and the third one well that’s what we’re gonna take a look at.
Today so Rowley intro now I always like reading the slogans.

On the back this one here says your smart home needs a brain so get started with a smartthings hub it connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes.

I mean it’s actually a pretty good slogan because it’s simplest point.

The brain of all your smart devices there’s your official unboxing I’m sorry this isn’t super exciting but really what you’ve got is in a square box you’ve got a hub in there a welcome to your hub little booklet which I’m sure is very little.

Info we want in it your warranty card to the wall word Ethernet cable that’s pretty much it so fingerprints all over it the new smartthings hub we have version 1 we have version 2 and now we have version 3 if.
You look at version 1 on the back we.

Had a simple Ethernet port and we had the power adapter version 2 2 USB ports Ethernet adapter and the power adapter version number 3 drops one of those USB ports and we go to an Ethernet port the power adapter now the interesting thing with this is in version one and two they both needed to be wired full-time to your network.

Version three has apparently removed that need and now we can simply have a wireless which.

Is nice because in a lot of homes people have their routers down in their basement which is not necessarily the best place to have to have a.
You’ve got a big home sometimes putting this in a central place.

Maybe on your main floor or I mean even just closer to where a lot of your devices are is going to make it work better you don’t run into any range issues now along with this launch smart things has also come out with a.

New set of branded devices we’re going to give these a try we have a water leak sensor we have a multi-purpose sensor and motion sensor that has a little articulating arm on it they’ve come out with what seems to be really popular now which is buttons so it’s the smartthings button they also have the proximity device.

Which is basically something you can throw on your keychain so that when you come.

Home at night some are things detects you and you can react in certain ways now a lot of people may be asking well if I already have our version – should I go ahead and buy a version three and no I don’t think so I don’t.

Think you need it but if you don’t have one yet and you are looking for a hub then yeah for sure the version 3 hub is fantastic it does everything smart things has been known to do it’s their latest and greatest hardware they have lowered the.

Specs on a little bit it does not have as much RAM it anymore and they have removed the battery but to be honest neither one of those things I think we’re really needed and as.


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