In this episode of 10 best ones we are going to check out the top 5 best smart locks in 2018 I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these smart locks you.

Can check out the links down in the description in the comment section below ok so let’s get started with the video at number 5 we have the zkt Co.

Ml 10 ID the zkt Co ml 10 ID is.

A fantastic budget-friendly smart lock that is capable enough to compete with many of the existing high-end smart locks but for a considerably lower price from a design perspective this unit has a rugged compact and sleek look that is really.

Easy to install while its handle has a reversible design so it can be suitable for every open door direction or to be more precise thanks to its reversible.

Design both the left-handed and the right-handed people would have a good grip when it comes to the installation the manufacturer warns.

And at the same time recommends that you should drill two holes while the lock is being installed however if your door can’t be drilled then take in mind that this lock can’t be installed now let’s talk about the features the ml 10 ID offers two ways of authentication the first is by using an RFID card while the.

Second is with your fingerprint with the intention to maximize your house security as best as possible in addition this lock can recognize up to 40 users which.

I really like due to the fact that.

The registered data will be immediately stored in the device and even in the event of a power outage this unit won’t let new users to register I’d.

Also recommend you download the zk bi OBT smart.

App with which you can set a time zone function keep track of who has entered and exited from your house or open the door with.

Single tap on your smart phone moving on the ZK Tico ml 10 ID is powered by four double a alkaline batteries that can last for a long period of time and what’s.

Really interesting is that if the battery is going low this lock will push you a warning notification so you will know when you should change them moving on at number four we have the quick-set preemies the quick-set preemies.

Is an innovative smart lock that looks as good as it performs and customers are constantly being purchasing it that’s why let’s get started right away in order to find out.

What’s so special about this smart lock from a design perspective the preemies is available in two colors of which you can choose from such.

As the satin nickel which we are currently reviewing or the venetian bronze but regardless of your choice both of them are unique in their.

Own way this particular model has a glossy satin nickel.

Body which would definitely be a good addition to any door on one side while on the other due to its shape you can install this lock very quickly which is always welcome since nobody wants to lose much time on anything in addition I’d also want to suggest you download.

The preemies smart app which has dozens of interesting features but for now I will only tell you that you can see instructions that will help you install it properly even though I doubt that you will have any troubles you can also visit their.

Website because there are several demos which you can find useful a side of the instructions the app will let you see the status of the lock can record who has entered and left.

Your house and much more but now let’s talk about the performance the quick-set preemies has many security options such as the auto lock which will automatically lock the alarm for 30 seconds so if there is an.

Intruder that person will definitely have some hard time there are others as well for example the master code which will prevent the users from adding or modifying their existing codes the secure mode which is.

Really cool since it will disable the user codes with a single touch on the button as well as the.

Code alarm will push loud noise if someone has mistaken its code three times in a row with the intention to prevent the potential thefts to the maximum level to conclude the quick set preemies is worthy of considering because.

It offers a great value for its price tag so give it a try and assure yourself of its quality next up at number three we.

Have the Schlage ziwei the Schlage z-wave has been on the market for a couple of years now but it has somehow managed to maintain its.

Position as one of the most wanted locks stick with me in the following couple of minutes in order to find out what’s the secret behind it yes from a design perspective this model.

Comes in six different color editions and in three styles but the one that we are currently reviewing is the Camelot.
Style finished in satin nickel.

But do not hesitate to choose your favorite model since all of them look as good as they perform this unit is built from high quality materials that will ensure that the thieves are going to think twice before they start doing anything to be more precise the Schlage is ANSI grade 1 certified which is at the same time the highest residential rating so you.

Shouldn’t worry about anything at the front you will notice it’s black colored touch screen while slightly below there is the regular keyhole so you will have two.

Options of unlocking moving on this unit works with Alexa and if you find that the regular keyhole is boring well I’d like you to know that you can operate through your.

Smartphone thanks to the z-wave.

Technology so with a single tap the door will be immediately unlocked now.

Features the Schlage integrates a built-in alarm with three alert modes such as the activity tamper and forced entry so you will be fully informed if you find yourself in an undesirable situation moving on each member of your family can have its own four-digit code and if.

Some of your relatives want to come to your house you can also program a temporary code which speaks much about its versatility I would also want to inform you that this lock is powered by four double A batteries which are included in the box they last.

Really long and when the batteries are going low the lock will inform you so you know when you should change them overall I strongly recommend you consider the Schlage z-wave especially if you want to invest in a mid-range smart lock moving on at number two we have the pin genie PGD 728 the pin genie PGD 728 is a must-have if you.

Want to invest in a versatile smart lock that packs a stylish design with numerous functionalities which will ensure that your house will be secured like never before from a design perspective the PGD 728 is available in two color versions such as the.

Venetian bronze and the satin nickel and even though we are currently reviewing the Venetian bronze model I’d like to inform you that both of them will add a beauty to your door at the front slightly above the embedded circular form there is the sleek touch screen that is bright enough to let you have a clear sight regardless if you exit.

From your house at the morning or maybe coming.

Back after a long day at the night in addition.

This unit has a keypad switch as well which can be accessed from the inside of your home so you.

Can disable the outer keypad if you’d like.

So nobody except you would have an access to your property which I particularly like when it comes.

To the installation all you need to have in front of you is a drill the screwdriver and the instruction manual which is very.

Straightforward so I think that you won’t have any troubles while installing before we move to the next section I’d like to inform you that you can use a 9 volt battery if you’d like since there is a battery.

Socket on the underside of the lock because this unit doesn’t come.

With included batteries but the manufacturer has included many other things such as to backup keys a VIP card plate.

Screws and much more which is awesome but now let’s talk about the performance the PGD.

728 can be operated with a bluetooth and through the smart app which is compatible with both iOS and Android the app will monitor non-stop and will distribute you an information of the users that have come or exit from your house and if you are waiting for some guests you can also assign a temporary password so nobody else except the ones that you like.

Will be able to come to your house moving on there is also an auto lock option a built-in alarm which will further lis enhance your home.

Security but what I really like is that you can setup you eight codes and this little thing will remember them all finally this lock will automatically enter into a safe mode if you type the password in three consecutive rows but through the pin crazy mode you can prove that that was you and you will be authorized to enter which is great to conclude you should definitely take the pin genie PGD 728 into a consideration because this lock is a great all-rounder and finally at number one we have the.

August smartlock pro Plus connect the August smartlock pro Plus Connect is one of the best if not the best smart lock that you can find on the market due to the fact that this lock includes everything that will drastically improve.

Your house safety from a design perspective this particular model sports a.

Silver finished construction but you can also choose it’s dark gray version if you find it as a more compatible.


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