So this is the Google home hub and this is Google’s answer to the Google assistant with a seven-inch display which does add some much-needed functionality in certain circumstances and I really like that they go they went ahead and release this device thanks for watching another episode of breaking elegance where we hope you improve your lifestyle with technology I’m.

Your host Don hell and let’s jump right into it so the Google assistant is a great assistant but you know what else is great.
If you actually go ahead and hit that subscribe button so.

That I could be of assistance and you don’t miss the next episode of breaking elegance now let’s go ahead and let’s take a look at this Google Home Hub now I did get a play around with the Google home hub over at the made by Google event when I was there and I really did enjoy it I didn’t get to play around with it for long enough so I decided I needed to get it on hand so let’s go ahead and see what’s inside.

Box so it opens it looks like from here in the back and using my trusty rusty exacto knife I can go ahead and open this box and let’s just tear right into here and see what’s inside and I do like the presentation that Google went with this year for the box and this actual display.

Is pretty nice it does have this ambient sensor up front and if we flip it to the back you’re gonna have the volume switches and the mute button and that’s pretty much it and let’s see what else is inside of this box so let’s pull this right out here and we got a let’s get.

Started little pamphlet here I’m gonna put that aside for now I don’t really need this but it’s pretty nice it should be pretty simple and we have the power brick here so let’s see how this slides out yep it just slides out and.
That’s pretty much all you get in this box.

There is really nothing on this side of the box and.

Just like magic here we have the Google home set up on top.

Of the desk and this is what you’re going to be presented with when you first plug it in I do want to mention that if you do not have any other Google devices you might not have the we’ll a p– installed already it is vital that you go ahead and download that.

First before you actually plug the unit in otherwise you’re not going to be able to finish the setup process so if you have iOS go ahead and look for the google home application in the App Store and if you have Android of course go to the Google Play Store and grab yourself a free copy of the Google home application if.

You’re interested in learning a lot more about the Google home application itself I will be leaving a link in the description below and in the info.

Links above to my buds channel tech with Bret he made a full video on the Google home.

Application so go ahead and check that out if you’re interested so setting up your Google home is actually fairly simple and I am going to get my phone on screen here so that you can see how easy it is I actually already have the Google home application installed considering that I actually have the Google home and I’ve.

Been using this device for a very long period of time I have updated it so this is going to be.


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