Hi guys this is Babita here I’m back with a new video and here I have got the sorry now this one this one Google so I’m quite excited to open this up and let’s go and check it yeah don’t look at me like that this is my new invention like I’m making my own google onhub taken our old.

Tab I have taken a whole Google Oh Minnie and.

I take it off looks like okay let’s get serious now this is my midnight Google Calendar show me my calendar Google Maps what weak reason nearby nest Oh show it so it works like Google Calendar maps nest front door camera oh I don’t have a nest one I have a.

Ring doable YouTube YouTube music Spotify Google photos yeah there’s the best thing Google assistant works with 200 plus.

Smart devices from 50-plus brands okay so there’s only one thing I’m not using next but you have got the nest thermostat so I can use it with that voice match multi-room audio Bluetooth five works with Android and iOS oh it.5 gigahertz Wi-Fi microphones lights sorry this is like beautiful burning whoo look at this.

So beautiful the sand color it’s good they have introduced this no Mike but you know because they always think that to be listening connecting port then rockers I think microphones and this one is something special liked sorry mm RGB light sensor so that what that’s what it is and this is just plug and play and what is we have got in the box you just get it gonna get started guide think nothing you go this adapter so this is like silly okay and not remove this welcome to Google home to get started download the Google.

Tablet so it says get the app okay so let’s get started who to home and and set.

New devices in your home um next slowing four devices now so it found out Google Home Hub connecting to the Google home your Google home isn’t set up yet.

To get started download the Google home app on a phone or tablet okay see the cord on your smart display yes help improve Google home yes I’m in hmm there’s a big question now where is this device we’re drawing on your own kitchen where is this device into okay time being I’ll put it as bedroom next to Wi-Fi you saved password okay connecting now displaying ringa ringa roses okay sorry I agree yeah Justin can already recognize.

Your voice okay google it looks like you are already set up voice match with.

Your Google assistant on a device next verification code okay number if I done ambient eq light sensor that’s what i was not able to remember so this is the ambient eq light sensor this automatically adjusts.

The screen brightness to blend into the room and no it’s not a camera okay mic mute switch.

So at the back as I told you guys there’s a mic mute switch volume rocker bedroom display is ready continue and see if finish step it has the Google assistant built-in hi how.

Can I help so you can use your voice to get help at a glance check it out jump start your day with.

A personalized routing just saying hey Google good morning for the weather your calendar reminders and more your commute to work is 20 minutes by car simply tap to see your home screen where you can get useful info about your day check out videos and recipes and explore all the things your assistant.

Can do have a question get answers from Google or watch helpful videos from YouTube hey.

Google show me how to cut a pineapple okay playing on YouTube now you can see and control all your devices from a single dashboard just swipe down from the top of the screen for home view where you can see the status of your home few devices in each room and adjust the lights pause.

The TV and monitor cameras like the nest hello video doorbell hey Google show me the front door unwind in the evening with songs and videos from compatible music providers like YouTube music hey Google Play jewelley / swipe up from the.

Bottom of the screen to adjust volume or brightness or use the volume buttons behind the right side of the display to turn off the mics simply slide the mic mean switch and relive your memories with Google photos see your favorite albums even when the display is not in use setup is simple in the Google.

Home app you can also search.

For photos by voice hey Google show me my photos from Cornwall what’s this it’s hubs and E&T cue light sensor it allows how to automatically match the colors and.

Lighting in any room so photos on hub blending with your home and when it’s time for bed hub no stirred in for a good night’s sleep remember if you ever want to.

Learn more to fade hey Google what can you do ready to give hubber trying.

Swipe from the left edge of the screen to X’s and get started hmm so.

It’s time now okay good okay even done the studio light to blue okay changing hue color lamp 3 to blue.

Ok Google switch off the studio light show turning off here color lamp 3 okay google play Havana by Camila Cabello all right Havana by Camila Cabello playing on Deezer you sorry I.

Can go on like this for the whole day so this is it this is all about the unboxing alright guys I take your leave now and.

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