What you are seeing here are thousands of French citizens marching in the streets in support of open borders and mass migration into their country this despite the fact they are now legitimate no-go zones in parts of Paris no go as in no go there or you might be raped despite the fact rape reports are now up a mind-blowing.

20% in France despite the fact a pro migrant NGO group was forced to withdraw aid from these dangerous no-go zones claiming it was too dangerous to continue operating here excuse my shit-eating grin while I say I.

Told you so I would worry for migrant women in these camps that would be if there were any take a look at this footage of migrants crossing into Europe.

From Africa notice the total lack of anything resembling a woman by the way they crossed this border and at the same time threw acid and quicklime on the border guards disfiguring them for a life in some cases so we spoke about no-go zones and rape statistics which are helpful but if that is not enough why don’t we look at very specific.
Examples for example this story of.

A 16 year old migrant being charged with three counts of rape in France after living in Europe.

For just two four years assuming of course all the women who were victimized came forward which is highly unlikely that number is probably much higher or earlier this year after the World Cup when several migrants were arrested after gang raping and middle-aged woman in the streets now finding French statistics on sexual assault is granted not very easy now I’m not sure why but we need only look to German insanity to see just how badly.

Things are going I would find it very hard to believe that Paris is immune to the rampant sexual assault experienced in Germany in fact things are so pathetically out-of-control in both Germany and France citizens are now fleeing to hungry a new form of white flight you might say but why Hungary hunkering has refused to allow any migrants into the country infective Li immunizing themselves from this collective European insanity now of.

Course this angered the European Union who came after Hungarian independence on several occasions now hungry responded very well by building a.
Brand new high-tech wall to keep their borders secure the.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor our hero orbán even gave a speech last year welcoming refugees from Germany and France you know welcoming refugees from political failure and weak-willed leadership now one French woman was even interviewed at hungry asking why she left her home.

In Paris she responded by saying she was robbed on three separate occasions while in her very own neighborhood she went on to blame globalization in fact when former athlets suburb of Paris is now home to as many as four hundred thousand migrants making up one-fifth of its total from population now as one random Internet poster put it.

And I could not phrase it any better at myself and I’m gonna paraphrase this a little bit I guess this is good for hungry and bad for French.

Because the French bring their assets their cars their bank accounts and their brains to hungry well in exchange the French get more recipients to suckle on the welfare states tit but perhaps that was the goal all along now as you can see in this footage the streets of Paris are in rough shape following this migrant crisis let’s hope.

We don’t let the same thing happen here in America as our first refugee caravans from Central America are currently knocking on our front door but.

Up first one guys please let me know in the comments below how you feel about this new form of white flight heading straight and hungry will.

They adapt Hungarian values of freedom or will they.

Bring their failed globalization brainwashing with them ultimately putting the Hungarian people.

At risk super curious here she have to say as always guys big shout out my patreon supporters I support everything you do for me and because I set a rate about 100 times this video it will surely be demonetised still consider becoming a patron today peace out.


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