Hey everybody I’m Joe baganz ik and this is smarter home life this time talking a little bit about whole house audio this is a topic that I get you know via comments and emails on a pretty regular basis covered it recently actually in the most recent 2q A’s with a viewer who was having an interesting challenge with a.

New home that he had just moved into and we solved it so there’s a number of ways to do this and this whole video kind of came about it’s a little bit longer than my original intent which was just to cover the interesting smart home kind of audio whole house audio if you consider an entire.

House with less than 390 square feet here in the tiny home I was just going to cover that but I thought let’s make something that’s a little bit more robust and cover the various systems so let’s start off with the option one of three for the hardware and.

The speakers and this is kind of covering the old-fashioned way of doing it this is hardwired you’ve got speaker cable running through your home so there’s no compromise in terms of wireless interference or signal.

Problems and back in the day this was practically the only way to do it you might think also it conjures up images of the lifestyles of the rich and famous and these were speaker systems that they’re still installed these days and some people outside of you know the lifestyles.

Of the rich and famous might still you could still put it into your own home if you want to invest the time and money into the speakers whether they are actually just.

Speakers in every room or they’re in walls or in ceiling and you actually have them all wired back to kind of a matrix device or a switcher that’ll enable the various audio or the speaker groups to be created and you could send.

Audio signals from CD players you know kind of jukeboxes radio stations and streaming all different kinds of things and it can kind of mix and match those and send those throughout your home okay so option two I think most people are gonna be familiar with this name so just say it.

With me so knows that’s right so nose has evolved.

To be kind of this middle ground between option one and the next one that I’ll talk about which are smart speakers some of us has been around for over 10 years but I think more people have kind of it’s coming to the public consciousness over the past maybe five to ten years so nose makes wireless speakers that are no compromise so these are wireless they run on Wi-Fi if you.

Have Ethernet networking in in your home and it’s in every room you can plug them in directly but otherwise they have gotten this down no compromise means.

The streaming is excellent and the sound the music whatever you’re playing is going to be the same in every in every room say that you have it playing across all the different speakers from room to room you’re not going to hear any delay or echo or any of those weird issues that you might.

Hear with other systems now it is a little bit more expensive than maybe your run-of-the-mill smart speaker of today but the lower end options starting with their play one only starting every 100 at about $150 and it goes up from there depending on the speaker size and quality they also have some accessories that.


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