Okay here’s a quick demonstration of some home automation you can see I’ve got a lamp over here the lamps gonna change color when I open the door but not only is it gonna do that you’re also gonna hear a door chime that basically tells me when the doors have been opened so right now what I’m gonna do is.

Open this door over here this lamp will change to a different color this happens to all the lights in my house when a door is.
Opened or windows opened and it shouldn’t.

Be opening so it’s like a visual notification so if I’m upstairs and for instance this door downstairs opens not only do I get an auditory notification that you’ll hear in a second I also get a visual one because all the lights in the room that I’m in will change color so I’d just be doing basically a quick demonstration just to show you this now this is completely unedited I’m shooting the video.

I’m uploading it you can see it if you want to comment on it ask any questions when you can do so if you want to check out my website on home automation then you can do that as well so right now here is the door here is the lamp I’m going to open it up and you’re gonna hear my door notification the back door has jetsetter Semyon the backdoor.

Has just been closed so as you can see in here I get a visual notification and an auditory one as you can see over there is another door and the lights and the passage have gone red so all the lights in the house do that when a door or window opens and it shouldn’t be opened and right now I haven’t actually.
Locked the door yet so what this is.

Telling me is I’ve left a door or window open or somebody’s opened a door or window and they shouldn’t have so let’s just go over to the door let’s lock it and then we’ll take a look at the lamp and we’ll go and take a look at the passage light.
Over there so we’ve just locked.

The door Simeon someone just locked the back door and as you can see the passage light is now gone green so that’s just a bit of simple home automation anybody can set up i’ve white door quick demonstration so.

You can see it I’ll do it once more so you can hear the door notification going off Alexa lamp.

Color purple okay there’s some voice control so once more I’ll open the door we’ll have a door notification in the kitchen and the lights will change color semion someone just opened the back door Semyon the back door has just been.

Now see how quick and basically that goes through so if you shut the door instantly shaft open again I mean the back door has just enclosed Simeon the back door.

Has just been opened Simeon the back door has just been opened so as you can see the lungs gone green again passage lights also changed and sync and as you could see with the door the moment I opened and closed it it was pretty instant now the great thing about it is all that’s going through the internet so if I open the door and close it it comes from.

My phone instantly it’s an it’s an instant notification in the home and it’s actually all going through the internet that’s how quickly it’s all happening so if I do this video so anyone can see you know some simple automation but I’ve got set up in my own home you’ve got any questions or you want to set something up similar to yourself then drop me a message and we’ll talk about it so.
With that while I’m here I might shock you can see up there but.

There’s a window up there that’s the bathroom and you should be able to see about it’s green I’m not sure if you can let’s just open the door once more and that light up there will.

Turn red just like all the others Simeon’s someone just opened the back door and there you can see it is comrade Simeon the back door has just been opened Simeon the back door has just been closed and the light there is now gone back to being green so just for I show.

You that so you can see some home automation pretty cool stuff anyone can set it up if you want to know more just drop me a message.


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