Welcome to another episode of happy hour I’m your host JD break and I am pleased to have Gary Crosby from Honeywell slash residual we’ll explain later also we’ll talk about heavy metal automated robots cleaning your house and how smart homes are taking over the entire world all right welcome to another episode of happy hour and I’m back here.

And we have another returning guest mr.

Gary Crosby from Honeywell what’s up Gary I’m not sure I can say that any more oh why not I don’t think I’m even compliant in the shirt.

I’m wearing today why not so Honeywell and its residential side which is me uh-huh we spun off into our own company so we are Honeywell home yeah but.

The company is actually called residual so plenty of it’s actually a play on words it’s taking residential okay and Presidio which is a.
Fortress oh and combining those two words together that’s fancy kind.

Of clever but so that kind of you take that that fortress and home that’s kind of the direction Honeywell homes going anyway because yeah we we also part of that the pretty much all the.

Honeywell residential business in the security business and security distribution business are all up under one umbrella called resilience ice I’m the Honeywell home part of it so still the same product still the same people is gonna say honey wall on the right Honeywell home on every product cuz it’s still the same product okay change we still have a 40 year well we still have we we have a 40 year relationship with the mothership okay so it’s always gonna be a Honeywell product yeah still gonna be the same people.

Same engineers the same you know factories it’s just now we’re owned by ourselves instead of our mothership so to speak the other part this build like military part space rocket so.

I get to focus on the house and stampeding for R&D dollars on the on the plains that’s bummer well yeah.

Tell us about so there’s like new cool stuff coming out so first things first yeah cheers in a.

While since I seen yet it has been I had a kid you know kids ruin everything yeah well here’s to here’s to Hunter yes that’s right they’re first kids so they’re cleaning up everything there’s you also have a daughter named Hunter right I do let’s go.

That’s right look at that last time I I was put in.

A humidifier at JD’s house or we did it.

Together and I noticed him he had a Roomba yeah yeah there that was so impressive I’m actually have saved my money this weekend I’m going.

To buy my first Roomba it is a life saver you have no idea I mean we literally did we never have to run a vacuum pretty much and it’s just about three four hundred bucks as long as your kids aren’t pooping on the floor your dogs aren’t pooping on us so we have a cat oh he uses a box so we don’t.

Have press laying around but the reason I even brought that up is because.

I’m starting to buy more and.

More home automation things right yeah you know I work for video Honeywell home mm-hmm for the last 13 years.

I’ve worked for Honeywell and 17 years before that I was a contractor so being involved with heating and air all.

These cool things that out that didn’t exist before like dimmer switches I actually picked up a couple dimmer switches the other day so I can run them out of my phone and turn them up and down and it all works you can working with the Honeywell products so so yeah so that’s just starting out so so now let’s talk about this yeah yeah oh and Cheers yeah Cheers do that you’ve.

Already had a couple I really have just a 7d a couple of sips no yeah we’re still at word but so what we’re rolling out here in the next it actually is starting next week these will be shipping out to our distributor partners does this our contractor base and what this is is it’s.

Kind of a drop security system right so I don’t have to do any structured wiring.

At all right right I take and we sell three different kits okay so this is the simple kit and there’s nothing in it because this is my sample yeah that so you can guess where it is.

And stop by we’re neighbors yeah I’ll show you but you know so that’s empty box but what it is is a security speaker and camera.

All in one so it’s kind of like an Alexa yeah it is Alexa enabled so for now you can talk to it and it still has the same Alexa voice 3 with my speaker can you Jam Iron Maiden through that speak so in January when we update the soffit the app yeah it will be streaming your Amazon music your Spotify the stuff you’re used to do nice all right so it just wasn’t in the first salt.

The unit itself it’s built in to do it it’s just the software I’m locking it yeah so software happens.

That way you know comes out in stages and and you usually get it with an app update so but it’s a full on security panel so in this simple kit I got a wireless key fob can.

You zoom down on that for me Tyler so if you look at that you’ve got a wireless key fob you’ve got.

The speaker camera assembly which is a 1080p speak camera on top of it you just plug that in the wall there’s there’s door sensors and window sensors all that’s wireless battery-powered nice so it goes you know you just it’s.

Got double-sided 3m tape you can stick it on there or it’s got proper screw holes where you can actually secure it to the wall.

Or the window like you want.

Some people can’t put screws in their window because their vinyl so we got both choices so within a couple of minutes you’ve got a full-on front door.

Back door simple security system and it also has facial recognition so cool you and Christine yeah right my wife Christine hi Christine so she.

It’s just you two and the baby right yeah so you could actually tell with with the the free service that would give you with this which is 24 hours of video capture and then it’ll it’ll.

Dump it and we’re just like most that I’m aware of any of these products for ages what I love 10 bucks a month to get unlimited right but but some people don’t need 10.

Bucks a month and like when I.

If it’s something I don’t that I want to keep I just save it to my my phone files right I mean I’ve got until I delete it there but if we give you two free facial recognition deal with it so it actually knows so you could have have your your your security active but it’ll know it’s JD yeah their face as well no it’s Christine former face and it won’t trip it because it’s like you’re in there the other things that it that that we have.

If you look at the bottom two here you’ve got a.

Black outdoor motion sensor and a white indoor motion sensor so what that does it’s a little different than a camera so it’s looking at your dog just looking at your and it’ll it’ll get the heat heat signature from a pet or a human and actually know the weight of that animal or that person and know that it’s it needs to trigger the alert tell a infrared or it’s infrared so.

It actually knows to trip the alert based on that stuff yeah it’s.

Also battery-powered so there’s three coin cell.

Batteries in it okay and it’s going to give you wireless you know a nice wireless solution for outdoor and indoor in different areas of your house its office where you don’t need a full on camera but it is a camera so it’s got a 10 second clip mm-hmm because it’s battery-powered you don’t want just a big 30-second.

All the time because then it’s just gonna eat those batteries up and we want a good two-year battery life out of that yeah and you’ll get.

That so you got to be if I’ve got the the motion viewer it’s got to be no more than 30 feet away from the base station mm-hmm so from base stations in my kitchen right outside of your house looking at the backyard it’s going to hit it perfect it’s gonna it’s gonna sink when I scan the backyard anybody came in your backyard it’s gonna determine whether it’s a raccoon or a person and then it’s gonna snap a picture and it’s.

In a short ten second video of what they’re doing awesome and then you’ve got to wait all through that yeah so you can say get out of my yard or don’t touch my amazon packages you kids well let’s say that it’s at your backdoor yeah and and and you’re looking at your back you know or whatever yeah and and it starts.

Recording something well before it starts as it starts to record you can trigger the base station which is a speaker with 98 decibels of sound so it’s like oh okay it’s loud very.

Say well my motion viewer just enacted so play a vacuum cleaner sound out of the speaker or a party or a dog barking something that would return it’s something to deter them thinking there’s somebody home and they just that’s somebody.

Yeah so it made it may say well I’ll probably need to go find another softer target but and then outside you can have it play an alert out there as well and then if they try to come in this thing goes.

Nuts yeah it’s got a it it’ll say hey I saw somebody now they’re coming in and then you’re gonna the whole base station part.

Of this thing is a light yeah so it changes colors depending on what command that you’re making it do like I’m going to bed or I’m right when it’s alerting it’s a big red siren it looks like a you know a big like a cop car yeah except.

For it’s red not blue okay but and it’s very loud so very you know ever since we came out with our regular cameras are like.

Where’s the outdoor where’s the out yeah well this is the first generation of the outdoor camera wirelessly I’ll have to pull a wire.


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