Ladies and gentlemen I am here with another smart home video review and that is the Eagle be for Wi-Fi Alexa enabled Thursday I apologize if I you say about trying to use the word Amazon from here on out so we don’t set all your devices off out there but that said this is the Eco be series that has.

That assistant to built into it which is pretty awesome obviously whatever you’re talking about something that’s not on the wall is it going.

To be as accurate or it pick up your voice as well as the actual echo series of products and I’m gonna get into that but the the quick answer is yes yes it does it.

Works very well so so that said I didn’t install video I will post a link directly to that video below as well as throw a court card out here as well where you can see the install of this in my install obviously I’m changing.

From the echo b3 to eco before it’s gonna basically the same setup no matter which service that you have.

With an addition to the common wire but that.

The setup video if you want to see that so I’ve actually had this installed for about almost a month now not quite a month several weeks and it’s an ego-t it’s a fantastic thermostat I loved my eco b3 I love my eco before the Amazon integration into it is fantastic it allows.

Network without buying more echo devices it’s built into this guy and it takes up less space on my end table in my living room because I don’t have to have the product there anymore so it is.

A fantastic item when you’re actually using it when you’re using the Amazon agent built into it I’m gonna go over a little bit so the.

If you’re not familiar with the Eco be products one of those things.

That I had a hard time telling people how it worked before I guess it’s it’s can be.

Confusing but this is a Wi-Fi smart thermostat with external sensors that you can get it comes with well you even add more how this works is in your home most people have the thermostat in a hallway of some kind the thermostat reads the temperature at the thermostat which means it’s reading the hallway temperature it’s going to base your house at that.

Temperature so if you set the thermostat to 72 degrees it’s gonna try to keep the hallway at 72 degrees you don’t knock you PI the hallway very frequently you usually aren’t there unless you’re traveling from one room to another which means if you’re in the living room it.

May be 74 degrees or 75 degrees and if you’re in the kitchen it may be higher yet because it’s a kitchen right you’re cooking in there.

If you’re in the bedroom maybe it’s made for the wintertime and your bedroom doesn’t have as much it’s good at insulation so maybe it’s colder its rooms vary in the house because every single room is different how they duct the air – it’s for air flow as well as well insulation factors maybe there’s more windows in that room.

Maybe there’s a lot of things that go into that I’m not going to go into that specifically but what this sensor does is it makes the thermostat read the temperature in the room that you are occupying they have motion sensors.

It knows if you’re occupying that room and it bases the room based on that sensor so essentially all it is doing so if I have this sensor but I have on this setup I did it in my kitchen kitchens usually warmer because the heat because they’re cooking but I’d like to keep the.

Kitchen cooler while we’re cooking a lot so it’s not baking us out where we’re eating supper so that thirst that I’m out in the kitchen if I am in the kitchen the ecobee knows I’m in the kitchen it’s gonna base my 72 degrees.

For my entire house based on the kitchens temperature essentially it’s gonna make this the kitchen go to 72 degrees it’s not gonna care what the rest of the house is even if you have three or four other sensors if they’re not pinging if they’re not reading a temperature somewhere are somebody sensed in that room they’re gonna ignore those sensors and base it on the room that you’re occupying so if you’re.

In the hallway it’s gonna be based at where the echo be is where the where you are located that’s why it’s nice if you buy an extra like two packs sensor kit and once your living room and one to your bedroom.
It knows what room you’re in it’s gonna base the temperature that you.

Want your house at on the room that you are occupying so I hope that makes sense it’s not going to try to keep each room independently temperature so it’s going to keep the I want to keep the bedroom at this temperature and the kitchen at this temperature your if your furnace isn’t set up to do that it’s not possible to do that because with the furnace blows or the air you know when you blow.

Air through through a ducted system its continuous throughout the entire house the only time that you can do that is if you have like a mini split system or something that has individual thermostats per room then you can buy a whole bunch of these and have them all.

Doing that specific group so I want to make sure that’s clear that this is.

A standard thermostat system with multiple sensors that allows you to integrate it into the house to keep the room that you are living or you are using.

Or occupying at the desired temperature all right so hopefully I did that hopefully that kind of.

Kicks out of the board so if you have any questions about that though comments below.

Alright you can also get over to the tech couch comm and submit something directly to me and I’ll try to do a better job of clarifying if I didn’t do a good job there so that said the.

Product itself I’m gonna actually pop off we’re gonna actually head up or in extra take peek at it and then we’ll come back down to finish up so similar in appearance to the Eco be three the equal before does jet out from the wall a little bit more and that’s because of the speakers and microphones that are built in kind of behind it the menu is completely exactly the same with in addition to when you actually have the.

Alexa agent come up you can actually talk to it when it actually talks back you can adjust the volume of the microphone stuff like that so we have to kind of turn down right now and I apologize if I’m setting off.

Your your echoes and stuff like that whatever I say this but that’s how I get to come up so obviously I will say this that even talking from my living room it actually picks up just as good as an echo device would actually do is so the echo or the echo dot very I mean the same microphone technologies.

Basically built into this and it picks up just as accurately as it ever.

Has on any of my echo products so they did a really good job of integrating in high quality microphone system an array into it that’ll actually pick up too no matter where you’re from so even if I yell it from my bedroom it will actually pick it up just fine as.

It carries into the hallway here so the integration with the echo series or da person is full integration it works really really well all the same things that you.

Could do from your echo in order to control the ecobee is the exact same so to raise the lower.

Temperatures by specific numbers or just say increase the temperature or decrease the temperature she’ll do it which is fantastic it’s it’s just built-in rather than having to have a separate device and also if you already have one device it just extends into the home I have in my home to ekadasi and then in the deco and now the Eco before so that’s for Alexa products will actually I do have a fifth downstairs but it’s it’s just that full integration that makes it a lot smoother and sleeker and.

It’s really nice and the light is easy to see so you know what she’s actually listening just like it does on the echo products so I mean I could sit here all day and ask her things like Alexa what’s the weather goingto be like today I can also mute mute it so she’s not actually listening.

To me ever it’s it’s very simple.

And very elegant and it does integrate with all the stuff so you.

Can hear she heard me as well as my echo that’s in the actual bedroom they’re heard me as well um if it gets to the point where you already you’re from you’re fine with it with the what you have with your echo is already you can mute this and actually turn the Aleksei you know you.

Disconnect from your Amazon account altogether and I even use the ox integration whoo so with that said it works really really well it it’s just as accurate as the previous eco bees it’s just the integration of Amazon’s product in there so I’m trying not to use the the.

It’s not kicking all your guys and stuff off.

Unless you need the ego the Amazon integration it’s not a necessity to upgrade from the Eco v3 that said if you have a none Wi-Fi thermostat now is the time.

To do it because this thing is pretty awesome and if you don’t want that integration then look at the light series the Eco b3 light it’s a fantastic product the gobi series in all RIA and reality is a fantastic item as well just those remote sensors are pretty awesome so I hope you like looking at it and we’ll head back down to.

The studio so is it worth it if you already have an ego b3 and best any of the nice Wi-Fi thermostats out there is it necessary to go to this one if you want that ale that Amazon integration into it then yes it I I think it is the having that what.

Echo capability built into the actual thermostat is nice it is very handy it makes it easy to actually access it from anywhere around where the thermostat is I could see a future eco be you could almost see in.

The sensors becoming external dots as you work there’s always that possibility I can see.

That as a neat capability that they could actually integrate them to this or if they actually worked with Amazon and maybe make the the echo products have sensors in them for temperature and everything and motion capability you just see where things are kind of heading.

Pretty awesome and this is a good starting point so it works really well you can control anything this works with if this than that it is a fantastic product and it’s one of those that again I put my stamp of approval on two.

Thumbs up I love this product love the ego b3 absolutely didn’t love it I’m glad I had the equal before though so if you have any questions at all about this please post those below or a head over the website you can also get to me on Facebook Twitter and you can kind of post directly to me if you want to contact me through there as oh there so there’s various options you get ahold of me if you have any questions for me specifically.

But thanks again for watching guys like I said I will post a link at the top of the description where you can purchase this if you purchase it you are supporting.

The channel thank you very much you definitely helped me out and it’s an is growing so I can actually start getting more and more products and it’s fantastic now this specific product from ecobee they sent me this to review so full disclosure I.

Was sent this but I don’t get biased because I get set products I understand.

That some people think you I don’t if he send it to me or if I buy I’m gonna give you the same unbiased as much unbiased review as possible my biases I love this nervous stand I really do it’s a fantastic item so definitely check it out if you have any questions let me know please share subscribe push this out there so.

People find this channel so we get more support and more products but thank you very much guys we’ll catch on a future video we’ll see you soon.


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