Number five thank you for choosing the easy biz many true bird this video will walk you through the steps for Wi-Fi setup of your device first plug in your base station and insert the batteries into your camera when the LED turns blue tap the ez vis button on the base station and then press and hold the cameras sync.

Tap on the plus sign in the top right corner again the QR code and choose connect to network now.

Choose the wireless connection option make a note of the base stations Wi-Fi name and password tap change network to connect your mobile phone to the base station Wi-Fi network next exit the Wi-Fi setup then open your ez biz app to.

Follow the setup wizard for the uplink router when you are prompt for the internet connection mode choose Wi-Fi relay internet access and continue the setup wizard connect.

Your mobile device back to your home Wi-Fi.

Network or use the mobile data now open the EZ v app and you will soon see your base station has been added to your ez vis account for the best experience please make sure to update your firmware to the latest version enjoy using your wire free mini troopers and thanks again for being a part of the EZ man’s family number 4 what’s up turn up my bitch number three from the moment our baby enters our lives we.

Follow its every move admiring each smile sound and smell but then we have to go back to work leaving it to the care of others and.

We not only miss them but we also miss out on so many precious moments memories that will never return that’s why we’ve developed in video the first intelligent monitor in the world that uses both face and emotion recognition technology and identifies important events in your child’s day to create a daily magic.

Moments clip so you’ll never miss a magic moment again but that’s not all and video is packed with so many more.

Incredible features that turn it into the most advanced monitor ever built it notifies you when your kids return.

From school or when an unrecognized person enters the room it monitors the air quality humidity and temperature of the room it sends alerts when your child is crying.

And you can speak through it from anywhere you are you can even see your baby at night and have it automatically play their favorite lullaby and best of all using smile detection we store all of those lovely smiles.

For years instead of watching hours of footage.

Each day to see if something significant happened in video automatically finds these moments for you creating a short clip and video never miss a smile number two number one.


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