What’s up everybody welcome back to phones drones TAC i’m original dobo and if you’re new here consider hitting that subscribe button turn on notifications so you don’t miss another video just like this this is the Google home hub this is Google’s first attempt at a Google home with a built-in touchscreen Google announced this back on October 9th and.

I finally got one in my hands and I have to say my first impression is that I’m.

Really impressed Google decided not to include a webcam on this device for privacy reasons and I have to say I can really appreciate that the screen also has a built in ambient IQ sensor so it can intelligently adjust itself to the light settings around it one of the big standout features is the ability to mute the mic and also be able to control all your.

Devices via the touchscreen itself if I swipe down from the top I can easily access my lights change the colors of them change the brightness it’s really really nice it’s a pretty awesome feature the other thing that we have here is the ability to watch YouTube videos right from your Google home constrain videos right from my phone directly.

To the Google home hub and watch them in view and listen the other big thing is Spotify integration Spotify is here and it works.

Incredibly well I can see all of my playlists play pause stop and the speakers are incredibly punchy I don’t think anybody’s gonna have any complaints with these speakers have a listen I only crank that volume up to seven but I will tell you there is barely any distortion coming out of those speakers they’re very very punchy coming back to that touchscreen again it is not.

I mean it will definitely get the job done the idea is you’re not gonna really be consuming much media from here more or less controlling your devices like your nest thermostat or even your various lights all in all the biggest feature of the Google home hub is the.

Fact that it’s priced so aggressively.

When you look at the likes of like the echo show and the echo spot the Google home comes in at one 49.99 it is crazy cheap and for the very first time I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off in home automation the design is pretty subdued and the price is cheap and honestly if you’re already a part of the Google ecosystem.

There’s really no reason not to consider this there’s not a better voice assistant than Google Assistant Amazon’s Alexa does okay she’s nowhere near the capacity of Google assistant so again I’ll leave links in the description below but all in all I’m really blown.

Away with this Google Home Hub and I’m gonna replace my actual Google home that I’ve.

Had it for the past two years with this anyways guys.

Thanks for watching I’ll see you next time stay original.



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