Hello everyone I’m and welcome back eat a clock today we are doing part three of the race of chroma + Philips – video in part 1 we kind of unboxed everything in part 2 we kind of set everything up and in part 3 I’ve bought myself an extra light bulb so that up there is the Philips you b22.

Bulb it’s the richer colors bulb which basically means it’s RGB as I’ll demonstrate right now check this out ooh it can change colors and stuff and I’m doing that via the old Philips.

Hue app right here and I’ve also got like a Philips your LED strip that I already showed you in like the previous parts but yeah it’s so pretty.

Cool now we have this bulb and this bulb cost me only 50 pounds you know for a life of it it’s a really budget friendly bulb you know it’s Philips.

Eve very budget-friendly stuff now I’m joking it’s it’s 50 pound for.

It’s it’s crazy dude and if your need to Felipe’s you and you want to get this bulb you’re also gonna have to pick up the the philips hue bridge.

That is sitting like right over there above my.

Router and that bridge is also gonna cost you another 50 pounds so if you want that light bulb to work you’re gonna spend like a hundred pound which is a nice deal but regardless of the price it is a cool product and you can do some pretty cool stuff with it that I’m gonna show you now so as this video is gonna be mainly focused around.
Philips you and razor chroma I want to show you how you.

Can actually like mess around the lights and stuff.

Control your lights from your PC or your laptop you know anything really as long as you have the Razer chroma app to be honest a lot.

Of you know if you need like actual Razer products in order to control your Philips hue lights.

From your PC I’m pretty sure you may be able to just download the Razer synapse like app right here on your PC and then just download the Philips hue module that’s right here.

And you know it’s going to detect all.

Of your filling two devices that you have connected on your Wi-Fi network and it should.

Begin working no problem so let’s enable is bridge then I’ll be able to show you how you can actually configure all the lights so as you can see the light bulb turned off there and starting back on same.

With the lights behind my desk there so in the razor chroma app right here what we can use we can select some quick effects for example so.

Let’s do a spectrum cycle let’s sing this to everything so this will sync to like my peripherals as well as the desk and the light bulb as well now I’m not sure how I can even like get this all in one.

Frame ready you can see that my keyboard my mouse and the desk are pretty much synced up in terms of colors you can see everything is turning green now and now it’s turning blue so is the light.

Bulb up there so yeah the whole room is pretty much just synchronized for the most part I’m gonna actually close my curtain so you guys can actually out like a better view of all the lighting going.

On close curtains if you want to.

Learn more about smart curtains press the link in the top right hand corner there to watch my smart curtain.

Video but apart from that lets also turn the.


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