Hey goo boy what did I miss here they are seen in real life for the first time for life at home we designed a smart display so you can manage your connected home from a single screen for life at work end at play we’re bringing the power and productivity of a desktop to a gorgeous tablet for life on.

The go we designed the world’s best camera and put it in the world’s most helpful phone let me tell.

You about how we’ve reimagined people for the home with google onhub we’ve redesigned google’s most helpful services like search youtube maps calendar and photos so they’re easily controllable with your voice and provide glanceable help puukko home hub is the best display made for the kitchen you can just use your voice you can set multiple timers you can find out how many Ounces are in a cup you can even figure out what to cook for.

Dinner tonight we also wanted hub to be a communal device one that works for everyone in your home Google home hub is the perfect display to help you manage your.

Thoughtful home and provide the help you need with a glass Google pixel slate is a completely new experience giving you powerful productivity in a fresh mobile form something that isn’t a laptop.

Trying to be a tablet or tablet that’s really a phone pretending to be a computer instead we combine the most helpful elements of all of them to create a modern computing experience people have been asking for.

It’s your own personal Google right at your fingertips pixel slate also includes a tightening security chip so your information device passwords and operating system are protected on your device finally it’s time to talk.

About phones fool pixel three it’s design from inside out to be the smartest most useful device in your life pixel three was built with exceptionally beautiful and thoughtful design choices but matte finish on the all glass back is the first of its kind we added a second camera on the front that captures.

A hundred and eighty four percent more of the scene than iPhone 10s now you can fit everyone.
In the shot without a selfie stick or unusually long.

Arms like mine you can still miss the perfect shot if you don’t hit the shutter at exactly the right time top shot solves that problem another feature that we’re.

Really excited about it’s night sight night sight works so well you’ll never use your Flash again when you get that call and you can’t or don’t want to pick up just top screen call and your phone will ask who’s calling and why to see the conversation transcribed and real-time on your screen you can decide whether to pick up.

Or mark the call spam you’ll never have to talk to.

Another telemarketer we’re excited to announce the smartest wireless charger ever the new pixel stand the pixel stand isn’t just a charger it changes the way you interact with your phone you can control it with your voice with one touch of suggestions on the display so there they are the newest members of this year’s made by Google family we’ve designed them from the inside out to give you your own personal Google we feel a deep responsibility to our users to provide a helpful personal google experience while.

Keeping their information secure and making sure they’re in control of their digital well-being.


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