In 1982 the Lebanese government requested the United States to establish a military presence in Lebanon the u. served as a peacekeeping force in the conflict between Muslim and Christian groups the 24th marine amphibious unit stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina received orders to Beirut Lebanon on March 24th 1983 US forces provided a degree of stability but diplomatic attempts.

To achieve a basis for a lasting agreement Muslim herbs soon distinguished the Marines as enemies on.

October 23rd 1983 a terrorist driven truck loaded with explosives destroyed a 1st battalion 8th Marine Regiment barracks killing 241 Marines sailors.

And soldiers construction of the Beirut memorial began in May of 1986 in Jacksonville North Carolina it was completed October 23rd 1986 friends and families of the deceased military personnel and the local community gather annually for ceremony at.

The memorial paying respect to the 241 servicemembers who tragically passed 235 years ago.


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