Welcome Kansas crime community I wanted to bring somebody special on a day and actually to introduce something that we’re co-hosting with tallgrass shooting sports right outside Manhattan and you’ll probably I hope you know the name but we’re gonna give him a chance to introduce himself as well but chaos can come is co-hosting with tall grass shooting sports john.

Korea of active self-protection John how you doing today man thanks for having me on Lyle I am awesome and every day is a holiday and every meals of feast how are you I’m doing great doing.

Great just tell us a little bit.

For some that may no no they may not be than hey subscribe to this channel by the way if you’re on YouTube go to active self-protection and active self-protection extra on YouTube but tell us a little bit about active self-protection how you got there and some background yeah it’s um it’s a self defensive firearms training company based out of Phoenix Arizona I started the company in 2011 really honestly if I’m.

Write off ammo I was into the training scene myself and all that so riding that off was a big deal.

So I start teaching some classes because at my core I’m a teacher I I taught undergrads for nine years graduate students for five years pastored a church for 14 and a half just recently transitioned a full-time and active self-protection in.

This year and so I’m not in vocational ministry anymore and I leave the faith just you know put down vocational ministry it can burn you out in a hurry chewed me up and spit me out.

After 14 and a half years so um I’m gonna I say I’m gonna break from that I don’t know how long that.

Break will be I love being a shepherd I’m kind of tired of running a 501c3 nonprofit in America so started really training with firearms in 2006 started my empty handed skills journey in 2006 as well so right now I have a first degree black belt in an art that’s derived from American Kenpo known as Dumas and I.

Have pistols certifications from various national level organizations so yes I have the NRA certs I’m a range master certified firearms instructor six hour Academy semi-auto pistol instructor qualified shooting performance.

Comments mic cylinder firearms development instructor certified so I love to Train.

I’m gonna get 250 hours as a student in gun school this year between tack on and taking classes from Steve Fisher and Scott.

Jet Lenski and man you name it I’ve trained with some amazing guys got a class in earlier which are level this year so having a great time training like it’s my job because it is and passing that knowledge on to others so if you know me though you know me from YouTube.

Right so I run the most viewed channel in the self defense and firearm space in the world which is kind of crazy to say we reach about anywhere from twenty to thirty million views a month right now and of course there are some incredible figures in the community like hip hop 45 has more subscribers than I do for sure Iraq veteran 8888 love those guys Mac character demolition ranch.

Has is the kind of big dog in the industry but you know depending on the month I get more views than those guys do and I’m not I’m not.


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