One of the inherent limitations of the googly hominy is that it’s fixed to the spot where you put it so you can’t easily take your music out on the terrace unless you have something like this hey I’m Brianna and this is how you make your Google hominy somewhat portable hey google play waves by Joakim carrot waves by Joachim.

Karin sure playing on google play music so this is just going to be a very quick video because there’s really not that much to talk about with this product but let’s start with.

The unboxing it comes in a plain cardboard box actually like the style of packaging and in there is just the Kiwi battery base.

Itself and immanuel they could have avoided the plastic though I don’t think the omission of a USB cable is a problem if you have a whole mini.

You probably have the cable for it and you’re just supposed to use that the battery itself is made from soft touch plastic and it looks pretty nice and minimal it fits right in with the design of the mini also because.

It’s available for both the white and the black versions on the back is the power button that you used to turn the whole mini on once it’s in and a recessed.

Micro USB port so you basically also can’t use any other charger just like with the little speaker itself huh on the side is a.

Little loop to hang it from stuff and on the front you’ll find four LEDs that tell you the.

Battery level they pretty much look exactly like the LEDs on the whole mini that’s a nice touch you put the.

Speaker in by attaching the short cable and just pushing it.

In it’s held in place pretty securely just by friction the touchable volume controls still work like this by the way the base makes the whole mini considerably more bulky but I don’t think that’s a big deal it’s a 7800 milliamp hour battery after all and that lasts forever around 10 hours in my testing which of course depends on how much music you play remember that the mini is always on even.

When it’s not playing something but it also takes forever to charge with the home minis power cord the same ten hours at least now why would you want something like this well as I said before if you have music playing and want to take that somewhere else in the house or even in the garden without interrupting the.

Music and without needing an outlet this is very convenient if you have a party and everyone is moving outside you can just pick up the speaker and you’re done I see this moving around the house use case as the primary one so you just keep it plugged in all the time and you take it off when you need to remember that long charging time it’s.

Of course also technically possible to take it to a picnic for example as a real portable speaker but moving out of the range of your home Wi-Fi is very inconvenient you first need a portable hotspot to do that since the.

Mini doesn’t function without Wi-Fi and you also need a second phone or tablet to redo the setup and connect.
The home we need to set hotspot you can do that with the phone that creates.

The hot spot because Wi-Fi is disabled when the hotspot is on and you have to do the setup every time you change the network so when you get back home and then.


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