Okay the echo Connect is now available in the UK I noticed it last night and I’ve had my echo connect since December 2017 now I wasn’t able to use it on my UK account because it wasn’t enabled within the Alexa app in the UK as soon as I noticed it last night that it was actually over here you.

Up and I’ve started using it so I’m gonna give you a quick demonstration of what it does now if you’re not familiar with the echo connect it allows you to make phone calls from your Alexa device through your landline or to even receive them so I’m going to give you a quick demonstration in a moment.

Okay so we’re over at my echo show now as you can see I’ve got one of the security cameras up on screen in a moment I’m going to place a phone call with my echo show and it’s going to go through my landline so.

It’s gonna make a phone call just using my voice so if you’ve already got contacts stored.

Within your Alexa app you should be able to just save a name of the person and have it call them for you so this is different to you know Alexa calling which only cancel which only just a moment cancel which only calls you know to over echo devices through the Alexa app whereas what I’m going to do right now is make a phone call with my echo show to a landline number Alexa.

Call odubel one six three one eight four two two three did you mean no double one six three one eight four double two three yeah cool so right now it’s dialing bitch number this is my business line so if you need to call me for anything you can dial me on this number but quite simply this.

Is what it does it dials a landline so in a moment this is going to start ringing and it’s.

Now darling my business double Alexa hang up Alexa show the front corner okay so that’s what Alexa calling does sorry that’s what the echo connect does it allows you to place phone calls with your.

Echo devices so considering I’ve got echo devices all around the house it means about now they’re all a phone I can call from any single room using my voice.

So if I need to call anybody I can call them by name or I can just read out the number and it will dial that number now when I receive a phone call it also announces who’s calling or it reads the number at if a number is not already stored within my Alexa contacts so if you’re looking to get an.

Echo connect this is what it does it allows you to just quite simply you know use your voice to dial from your landline and you can even dial mobile numbers as well as long as they’re enabled within your you.

Know with your phone plan so I give a quick demonstration to show you the echo Kinect in action what it is and right now on Amazon I think it’s only about five five quid I paid a lot.

More than that when I ordered mine from the US because I wanted to be one of the.

First people to have one and I’ve not been able to use it all this year unless I used it on a USA account but now can use up my UK account so now all my echo devices on our phone they tell me.

When the phone is ringing I can pick up from any single room in the house and right now I’m going through some more experimentation with this but like I say I fought.


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