We live in a world where we share more than ever we shall pictures we shall videos we even share our thoughts but often we shall also Wi-Fi hotspot on our smartphones but most devices they are running out of battery when using Wi-Fi hotspot over LTE most devices they run out of battery when used as a Wi-Fi hotspot until.

Now we introducing the media tag leop 60 power efficient when used in Wi-Fi hotspot saving up to 40% battery life time the media tech power efficient modem powered by leop 16 a superior power efficiency when using.

Wi-Fi hotspot over LTE it can save up more than 40 percent battery lifetime vs. competitor technology which implements an innovative LTE adaptive power management combined with a Wi-Fi power transmission control this is a breakthrough in reducing power conception and it’s your chance to differentiate your products so the future of mobile technology is not only wireless.

The longer devices can connect and share services without access to a power source the better this is your chance to stay ahead.
Of competitors only with media tech..


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