According to the Department of Justice more than two million homes are broken into every year and in one out of three a family member is home not on my watch this is why we designed simply safe the highest caliber home protection simply safe since emergency alerts up to 10 times faster than ordinary systems and unlike other systems simply.

A burglar can’t cut your security by cutting wire tech experts call it better smarter home security police departments.

Use it across the country now you can protect your family with 24/7 professional home monitoring for less than fifty cents a day with no long term contracts and save up to 20% on your home insurance try simply save for 60 days you’ll feel confident your family is.

Safe or your money back click to get simply safe now welcome to simply save alarm on you may have heard of whom as award-winning home phone service was 911 calling.

And text alerts now you can get even more security and peace of mind by adding affordable home monitoring tier Uma phone service luma home.

Monitoring is designed for easy setup that you can do yourself there’s everything you need to monitor.

Your home motion sensors door and window sensors and water sensors if you’re already an umma tel accustomed er it’s easy to add these products to your.

Existing phone service for those new to OMA you can purchase a new matelo and add as many sensors as you need at the.
Heart of the system is umas home.

Monitoring mobile app where you can check the status of your home at any time from anywhere it makes it easy to configure your system setup the type of alerts you would like to receive an.

Arm or disarm the system Booma home monitoring integrates with umma phone service to provide remote 911 in the event of an emergency your home alerts you with a phone call.

Or app notification and provides the option to connect to your home’s 911 emergency operator your home address is automatically passed to the operator saving valuable time when every second counts the system can also alert you with a text message email or a voice announcement from your umma Telo luma also works with the nest protect smoke alarm and Learning Thermostat and other popular smart home products.

Umma has made home owner during simple and affordable was easy to install wireless sensors and remote 911 now you can monitor and protect your entire home from anywhere to find out more go to Oba calm that ring we believe we can help stop crime before it happens and that everyone should have smarter homes security motion activated cameras around your home and security monitoring within create a true ring of security that provides protection both inside and outside your home ring alarm is fully customizable and designed to fit your home always keeping you connected and putting security.
In your hands traditional home security.

Ring alarm is a whole new way of looking at security intelligent home security without door cameras alarms and lights a video doorbell with 2-way talk a security hub with smart sensors inside your home that all connect to you wherever you are home or away ring is dedicated to whole home protection and has changed the.


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