Hi this is personal thoughts at your home hacks please like subscribe ring the bell for future notifications alright welcome to the support from today today is the support group for you bridge and you light owners do you have someone in your household that’s right your household so we’ll let you love dearly but they just don’t support your love.

Of home automation and the fact that your hue lights can turn on and off and dim at the say of a magic word that’s right.
Well I suffer from that problem too and I have now had.

To make a decision do I need dimmable lights in my living room because I’m sitting there many times going Alexa turn on the lights the Amazon echo doesn’t turn on the lights because the fact that my.

Loved one decided to turn off the switch so to combat this problem in an area where I don’t need really dimmable lights at all I decided I am going to put in a.

Martin Jerry light switch that’s right a Martin.

Switch will be the solution and the further combat that issue since it cost me over.

$60 to make that light turn on and off I’m going to place those beautiful dimmable lights now in my bedroom Oh I mean don’t touch that dial stay right here we open up this box of the Martin Jerry light switch that works.

With echo and the Google assistant that’s right through the smart life all right now for another edition of what’s in the box what’s in the box well as you can see it says the smart home Amazon Alexa and Google assistance by five smart so here we go use your.

Right this is a Wi-Fi smart swiss single pole switch alright so what we have here is a custom faceplate that goes with.

It and then the switch itself if you look at the back river ground wire or US compliant nuture wire yes baby use the Wi-Fi go on and we have our power so we’re gonna.

Hook this puppy up bring it into the smart life out of our life yeah and control another satellites in my house alright so today we’re gonna change out the living room light switch this is the new light switch we’re gonna use in.

The living room comes with a new plate and.

Everything not sure if I’m a fan of that plate but it does come with the plate and it is made for it to hold it in place so that’s kind of cool alright so the first thing you want to do is make sure you have the power turned off and everything is safe I’m using an electrical screwdriver what that means is it has an insta lated shaft and insulated handles this is a Martin.
Jerry light switch Martin and Jerry oh this way my beautiful.

Wife decides to use the switch she won’t be cutting me off from my beautiful home you know this switch has three wires on it one two three and as you notice.

Here there are four this is the smart wire this is your ground wire and these are your load wires right there so load wires bite smart wires don’t so instead of.

Messing with all this beautiful miss please use insulated wire strippers to the first thing we’re.

Going to do is do a load wire so this is load and this is live this is live this is load this is live this is neutral this is ground grounds.

A bare wire this is load so I don’t believe these to make a difference we’re gonna strip this.


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