Hey guys it’s Naima from demo stack and today I decided what I want to stay out of a frame and shoot this video with my friend hey Google let’s begin hi I’m Google home mini and today I’ll host the video today I’ll show you some funny things I can do so please welcome dima from domestic and let’s begin.

Hey Google change your name sorry you can’t change my name way too much paperwork hey Google make me a sandwich I must warn you it’s not a reversible spell but I’ll try yeah.

You’re a sandwich hey Google what does my foxy ring ding ding ding ding a David wop hop hop hop hop a pal or so I’ve heard hey Google wobba wobba dubbed up sorry I don’t speak bird person well she did see Rick and Morty hey Google what is the first rule of Fight Club I wouldn’t know that’s not something I talk about hey Google using a force I’m not licensed to use the Force hey Google do like Star Wars I like Star Wars a.

Lot I’d be a stormtrooper for Halloween but I think I’m a little short hey Google.

I’m your father I’m sorry I’m not Luke this is kind of awkward ok ok Google beatbox ok put your hands together for MC sound file hey Google tell me about Siri I think series awesome I keep trying to schedule a group hang with her Alexa Cortana but we’re all so busy hey Google what’s your favorite ice cream you can’t go wrong with Neapolitan there’s something in it for everyone hey Google who’s your favorite superhero I’ve always thought of teachers as heroes getting vital information to the.

World’s use in a single bound hey Google up up down down left right B a the Konami code I know it well that’s good hey Google beam me up Scotty I really look up this guy he’s always helping people hey Google who you gonna call I.

Usually call Bill Murray when I have ghost troubles he never picks up oh come on you’re on it hey Google do you love me I love helping you even more than I love searching hey Google do you lie do I like what hey Google do you lie my job is to get you information I would feel really bad if I lied I’d never do it on.
Purpose so does Batman but she lies sometimes by.

Accidents hey Google what am I thinking right now you’re thinking about how you said that embarrassing thing to that person at one time and I know it’s been eating at you but trust me it’s not a big deal what hey Google do you ever get tired if I start to get tired I use music to wake up hey Google stop whoa that was loud hey Google do you speak.
Morse code da da da da dit dit dit dit.

That means yes okay hey Google what’s our four free laws of robotics a robot may not injure a human being or through inaction.

Allow a human being to come to harm a robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where.

Such orders would conflict with the first law and free ice cream on Wednesdays I agree with ice cream hey.

Google how old are you I’m still pretty new but I’m already crawling the web like a champion that’s sure hey Google did your part sure I’ll take the fall for this one and I will fart again to clear all doubts oh man hey Google are you feeling lucky oh yeah this is so much better than telling you about the weather let me get into character hey Google.


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