Hello friends welcome to vigilant online workshop this is harsh in cyber security analyst at vigilant our topic of discussion is fake call fake SMS fate email will be using few website to achieve our goals so the first website will be visiting eese crazy call crazy called dotnet all you have to do is select a country from here and.

Then number what you want to display you have to put here and the person whom you have to call you.

Over here and you have to select the pitch if you select the low pitch the voice will be off female if you select the normal pitch the voice will be normal if you select a high.

Pitch the voice will be off a meal and you have to click on get me a code so yeah a.

Code will be displayed to you all you have to do is type the code.

With your mobile and send a message but a warning I’d like to give you a warning this will charge you around $1 so it’s better to try it on your own risk this only for education purpose now next website SMS global with the help of this website you can thread the send free SMS to anybody all you need to do is sign up.

And the sign up is for free you have to fill your detail create an account and here it will be asking you about your mobile number just have to enter your mobile number do some verification process and you are good to go now next is anonymizer dot in with the help of this website we can send a fake mail to anybody all you have to do is click on.

Send email yeah you have to type the email address of the poster for example.

Indicator who is getting this email who is supposed to get this email that’s me and the subject and the body and you have to fill the capture and Dickinson now a fake mail will be sent to the respective person see.

This is the fake male the name is searching and the subject is anonymous see this was the fake man that has I have sent through anonymizer dot in website so this was all about fake.
Mail fake SMS and fake call.

Also for Android Android mobile phone user there’s an app called text me text me this is the app which allow you to make fake phone calls and SMS for free for up to ten free.
Fake phone calls do try it it’s good app thank you..


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