Gizmodo called lighthouse the best AI home security camera in the world we beat out nest in a head-to-head competition forbes called us the future of home security so how did we do it we started with the basics a live streaming 1080p HD camera continuous recording anytime there’s movement multi camera support the ability to save and share video clips.

Full HD night view 30-day cloud-based video history two-way talk and a security siren to scare off the bad guys in the world of home security these are table stakes what makes light house special.

Go beyond those table stakes first we’re the only camera with a 3d sensor 3d prevents false alerts by ignoring shadows and lights that in trick a 2d camera no one needs a security camera that cries wolf all the time alarming you.
At all times a day about things that aren’t really.

That alarming second we added artificial intelligence and computer vision to the camera light house can tell the.

Difference between adults and children people and pets billowing curtains and someone trying to break into your house lighthouses computer vision recognizes faces that way if someone’s in your house you shouldn’t be White House will know a guy trying to steal your flatscreen and gram on cruising the kitchen for snacks shouldn’t cause the same amount of alarm our AI also lets you peer into the.

Future because light house knows who’s who you can set up alerts based on specific people tell me when julie gets home from.

School tell me if the dog-walker doesn’t show up by noon tell me if you ever see someone new you can also search past videos by name show me what Jenny did last Wednesday between 3:00 and 5:00 p. the third technology pillar natural language search just speak and the video you’re looking for appears it’s like a voice-activated search engine for your home.

So there you have it 3d sensing computer vision and natural language search the pillars that earned us the title of number one AI home security camera in the world by Gizmodo the only security camera that’s there for you 24/7 answer.

The call hi mom how you doing I’m happy to hear that hey kids yeah grandma what are the 49ers do respect.

The 49ers speak the Raiders 23 level just ordered a cab we’ll be down in five minutes what’s on my.

Schedule what’s the weather today turn on the AC turn up the volume imagine how it would feel like to be the center of your technology now stop imagining hello my name is Timmy hey Timmy hello John teimi the personal robot you at the center if.

You want to deliver great content you need a great workflow the problem is that it’s always a race against the clock you plan and you prepare you shoot you shoot and shoot then you it and finally you wait what if you could regain lost time and start.

The finishing process the moment you get the last shot with the noon our box let your work flow NAR Vox 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device for content creators who prefer to travel without a laptop unlike other portable hard drives we have assembled.

An ecosystem of mobile applications that serve the professional workflow from the fields to the studio new to the nar box experience is an on-board display and four button system giving you the industry’s fastest file transfers with.

Custom folder trees and a checksum confirmation without the need for a computer phone or tablet for more control over your backups use the new safe keep app to view connected drives organize and rename folders manage your auto backup settings and.

Even seem to drop box in the selects app photographers have an optimized environment for fast file viewing and culling of thousands of raw photos a simple set of tools let you rate and.

Organize using exif metadata preparing you for the.

Edit at home in lightroom using the sequence app you can now quickly playback high-res video set edit in and out points create bins and even render files into ProRes any edit.

You start in the sequence app can be exported as an XML project into Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro bridging your workflow from the fields to the studio to make social content and stories easier when you’re on the go we’ve partnered with industry leaders luma Fusion and Adobe.

To bring top-tier mobile editing experiences to our platform the new layer box system is supported by an.

Intel quad-core processor four gigabytes of RAM up to one terabyte nvme SSD an SD card slot 2 USB seaports and a replaceable battery you’ll be able.

To review 10 hours of 4k video backup 36,000 photos or move the terabyte of files on a single charge connect the micro HDMI to any monitor or TV and use the showcase app to playback photos and videos in full resolution tired of all the adapters dongles and hubs with iMeet you can quickly charge and sync all of your Apple devices simultaneously say goodbye to a lack of outlets and say hello to the new way to plug charge and sync all your favorite tech gadgets I made is the only docking station with two USB CPD.

Fast charge ports that allow you to charge and sync up to six devices simultaneously not enough charging ports has officially become a thing of the past imade is designed.

To work with all Apple products including your Apple watch.

Just plug in charge and relax I’m eight we’ll take over from.

There I’m eight is the perfect solution for all your data storage needs never stress about downloading photos or videos again as I meet streamlines the process by providing everything you need.

With i-mate you can sync everything at once there’s no need to transfer your songs or data over and over again just sync and go I’m eight has HDMI 4k Ultra display technology which means you can connect your book to your TV through the HDMI port and watch your favorite shows and movies with magnificent quality in color never has HD looks so clear is it well when.

Made I made is compatible with the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro you can also plug charge or sync your TV Apple watch iPhone 10 iPad iPhone camera SD card keyboard.

Mouse pendrive portable hard drive and Nintendo with dual types II get up to 10 gigabits per second data speed with PD fast charge with USB 3.

0 get up to five gigabits per second data speed with.

0 get up to 480 megabits per second data speed and with your SD card get up to 105 megabits per second data speed I mate is the quintessential traveling companion it’s compact size makes it able to fit in virtually any bag or.

Purse without having to compromise space for your other belongings whether you’re going to and from work or traveling overseas I’m 8 is the perfect way to charge and sync all your devices while on-the-go testing the functioning electronic.

Devices with the traditional multimeter is a hassle dials switches tethered leads and technical jargon.

Complexity and difficulty and keeping track of.

Measurements can be a real pain as well now there’s an easier way introducing violin the world’s simplest Bluetooth multimeter vayan simplifies testing electronics for malfunctions it can automatically measure electrical output and send data to smartphones and the VAIO app provides you a live feed of all the electrical measurements taken with vion by ons unibody design.

Makes it lightweight and easy to store perfect for your workshop your home or your car connect by onto your smartphone using Bluetooth and measure values in real time by.

Stored measurements through voice guidance.

So you don’t have to worry about looking down at your phone Veon gives you a simple good or bad result indicator so you’ll.

Know right away in real time if your device is working properly Bayona has colored LEDs built into the handles for quick visual reference as well flashing lights for connectivity status use buy into check if your batteries are running low if your electronic devices are working correctly or if their wiring problems in your home Bayan caters toward both experts and novices and supports most functions found on traditional multimeters so contractors and electricians can.

Use it on the job as well as a boy trying to fix his RC car reading measurements that Bayan collects is easy but.

For those who like data you can review all the detailed.

Information displayed in the vion app you can automatically detect the.

Error of the device and have the measurements saved on the application vayan is the easiest and safest way to troubleshoot problems with electronic devices Veon eliminates the hassle and expenses of calling for repair services anyone can.

Easily use it for countless situations unlike other multimeters Bayan has no body making its paired probes easy to store and carry tres is an action sports tracker it’s a small little device the size of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and you mount your snowboard your surfboard.

Your wakeboard whatever and tells you how fast you’re going how many waves you’ve cut how many calories you burn for skiing and snowboarding it’ll tell you things like air time how high you’re jumping which lifts you were on a bunch of other things but basically it measures your.

Activity tres will also Auto edit video footage for you so if you’re taking video with a GoPro or a Sony or a Canon you can actually put the video into our auto editor and it’ll edit out all the highlights for you as well as color correct and overlay your stats all automatically definitely some of the differences between you know some of the other gadgets that are out.


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