So how you Greek mechanics electronics software to make spaces effortlessly transformed oh and the word effortless is very important because I’ve seen thousands of examples of beautiful tiny apartments that are just too much work to transform so how we can make transformation not be a ritual how we can make transformation be magical and that’s where the power of.

Robotics comes into play so if I tell you about 200 square feet you don’t tell me you’re crazy but if you think about a 200 square feet bedroom it’s an iPhone 240 living room is a nice little 200 square feet bathroom like a five-star hotel so.

If you bring technology to bring robotics to make that a space a lab to you because all activities are not happening at the same time then the space can.

Imagine that’s what we cannot try to prove there so this was this apartment in which you could have a dining room.

The living room the bedroom all of that with robotics it could be a a gentle hatch it could be.

Gestures it will be boys that is that your home could be like you know like an app store which you could customize functionality you could have the voice command application or the gesture application or.

Where a cloud application whatever that is so you can have the same technology then your home to be totally the same way we customized the same you download apps we started building that out that was a prototype you know it worked but he was still a.

1 so the focus since then has been up in how we can make this scale you you you.


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